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     I had the pleasure to talk and get to know Jamie Okrzynski, EDM DJ, named Okski, that started on July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. After touring on and off with multiple Alternative Rock/ Punk bands, he decided to do what Skrillex did and start making his own music without a band. With over 2k followers and a growing audience every on his social media pages, this was obviously a big artist to reach out for me. I felt honored to talk to him, and we might even meet up if he tours in my area one day!
      His newest remix, High By The Beach, is my favorite song so far. It takes a low-key Lana Del Ray song and puts a higher dance beat to it… And it definitely works. His other songs like; Wanderer-Driving, and Love Myself; are just like his newest beat. Except for these beats they play with every little part of the songs, which is impressive. I highly encourage Jamie to continue doing these beats like he is doing right now. And he is excited for his upcoming remixes. Again like I hinted at, I definitely see him touring all over. 
   For me, Okski’s kind of music is growing on me, and I definitely hear his influence coming out in his songs. The only artist I’ve heard on his influence list is Porter Robinson, (whose hit song is Shelter). I definitely hear his influence in the song, because of the bass drops and voice synthesizers. 
    Looking forward to more, and please please share his songs because he is such a nice guy with a great talent!!
(6/12/2018)Jameo on Spotify

       By the look of things, I have realized that I am long overdue to update this article. I by no means forgotten about Jamie, I just had so many other artists to update and write about (over 100+ of them). Jamie has changed his artist title from Okski to Jameo, which to me a more appealing name just like how I changed from John Cronin’s Music Blog to Unedited Music Blog. 

           In 11/10/2017, released his first track/single on Spotify. The song is called Natural ftr. Tima Dee, and the release introduced a more mainstream sound to Jamie’s work which I appreciated. As of today, (without being many playlists that would help him get more of an audience) Natural has steadily gotten just under 6k listens on Spotify and over 5k views on SoundCloud. His audience seems to be more approving of Natural then High On The Beach remix (over 100 likes, almost 50 shares, over 5k views, and almost 50 comments on Natural versus under 80 likes, under 30 shares, over 3k views, and under 20 comments on High On The Beach both on SoundCloud as of the moment). 
          While it seems like Jameo’s audience is growing on SoundCloud, the most recent remix Jameo came out with isn’t being received as well as it is on Spotify (which is why I also added his Spotify artist profile). Feel Good- Rip Van x JAMEO Remix by Crow and Miranda Glory was released in early March of 2018, and it is continuing to gain listeners each month. At the moment, the song has over 1k listens in just 3 months, but to me the song deserves more recognition than that. I absolutely love this song, and just like Hush Forever’s On The Road Again I also find myself listening to this song about 1 or 2 times a day. 
         So what is the difference between Okski and Jameo? I believe the difference isn’t with how it is easy it is to pronounce the two names. To me it’s still really hard to know how to precisely say Jameo (is the “o” silent or not, or is the “e” pronounced or not?!…. I don’t know). The difference to me is that Okski seemed to be more experimental. But with Jameo he is really trying his best to grow as an artist and get an actually legit chance to make his artist name bigger than himself. And honestly, I really like it. And look out, cause he’s got over 3k Facebook likes!

Jameo Logo

Facebook- Cover Photos

Overview: ★★★★1/4
Feel Good (Remix): ★★★★★
Natural: ★★★★★
High On The Beach: ★★★★1/2
Wanderer (Driving): ★★★★★
Luminati: ★★★★★
Love Myself: ★★★★☆


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