Rave Logic Session on Dose Radio [unedited]

Rave Logic 



Dose Radio (3/30/17)

             If you like Rudimental or fast EDM artists, then you would of liked what I was listening to yesterday. I like this stuff not only because it’s probably very difficult to make, but it also gets your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. I definitely appreciate that kind of music, cause I don’t workout enough. And you would definitely hear Rave’s music during a Zumba Party, although you will never see me dancing to that kind of stuff. 
            I discovered Dose Radio on a music promotion Facebook page, and they had a couple good DJs. But honestly I didn’t really know a lot of good U.K. DJs (other than Rudimental whom I mentioned earlier) so I clicked in-and-out of a couple live sessions that weren’t appealing to me…… Then they showed Rave Logic, and my god were they appealing! I was the only blogger listener, which isn’t new, and I shared it on my Facebook page, contacted PR manager/DJ Paul Ectomorph and they couldn’t of been any more open to my promotion offers. With growing viewers in the U.K., I definitely think the blog is going to get popular soon so keep on reading and liking my Facebook page!
         The intense music session starts of with musical symbols and techno beats, it almost got me to want to push people to start a pit. Only thing is…. I was alone in my room…. So I just imagined it. As the beats get old with about 30 minutes into it, you pay attention to nicely timed scratching being put into the mix. Some of the scratching sounded off synch, but most of them worked. Finally, I started to try and listen to the difficulty of these sounds and scratches, and that was when I realized how much skill these guys have. These beats must take a while to make, and a lot of patience and dedication…. May that always be recognized by me in all electronic music, and I will always appreciate this for music in general.
          All-in-all, I respect these guys a lot. I hope this post helps them get more viewers and subscribers because they deserve it.

Overview: ★★★★☆

2 thoughts on “Rave Logic Session on Dose Radio [unedited]

  1. Cheers John! Mr Rises scratching is certainly getting tighter. To be fair he does it without headphones when i am mixing so even more kudos to him. Will give this blog a share. Peace. Paul Ectomorph


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