Blaylock (Interview and Review) [unedited]

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Interview & Review

          It was just a normal day, other than having one of my classes being cancelled, and I was talking to Neil Atkinson about interviewing (an idea I never thought I would go forth with as a blogger) his up and coming bands from the U.K.. Then I got a message from John Blaylock saying he could do an interview in a hour and 45 minutes, just enough time to let me take a test and get ready outside of my suite’s lounge….. Forget about coming up with interview questions, because I didn’t have enough time to do that. To prepare myself for the interview, I looked at his band profile reviews to find out that this guy loved music and song writing just like I did. I also put his two songs (Can’t Lose Hope and Lighthouse) on repeat, partly because I wanted to analysis the two songs and partly just because they were that good. Then the call came, and the interview started……
         It felt weird and awkward at first, but John was actually really cool. After a friendly talk about how our days were, I got asked him about his reviews and started to learn about his music career before his solo career. I learned that he was a songwriter for 15 years, wrote all over the world including Las Angeles, Sweden, and New York. He also was apart of a band that had over hundred thousand fans on MySpace across England, and I certainly hope those fans will follow John’s solo career too. Lastly, I learned that he was a Manchester United fan since he was 4 year old, so he was raised the right way as a soccer fan.
          Then I asked about his newest music releases, and found that the title was his friend’s, Rory Flynn, idea and the lyrics were written by himself. Although the videos were good, both seemed to focus on the piano melody only which I was wondering if he was going to keep with that theme so I asked if he was going to do that. He said that he is planning on showing more than a piano in his videos, “the two songs just so happened to have a piano melody”. He added that he loves playing with his guitar, so to expect something like that in his upcoming videos.
(9/3/2017 update)
            Blaylock continues to make some great singles off of the EP. This single, Just Fly, is an easy melodic love song played on a piano. Recorded in Hope Mill Studio, the video is a fitting studio video filmed in black & white. 
            With John on piano/vocals, Timmy Robert Sunderland on bass/vocals, Elliot Shepley Barlow on Cajon/percussion, and Eve Whittle on camera (for video) this song definitely makes for an easy-listening. The video is on Blaylocks Facebook page, and now has over 2k views which is ridiculously great for them! They certainly deserve it!!
            Continuing with his accented vocals, the vocals are definitely different for this type of love song. The only thing I have against Just Fly, is it a lot like the last two songs…. But I guess that’s what happens when you make these kind calm songs. 
       I received a press release from John Blaylock announcing a big release of music for the band. “This week sees the first proper release of my new Blaylock project. It’s being released by Iceberg Music who I met out in LA,” the release says. Before the release, Blaylock released an exciting video teaser, and on that day the performed the song on Facebook Live, this lovely track is called “The Catch of the Pride”. On Friday Blaylock released the song on to Spotify, and today they unveiled the YouTube video. 

          John is asking people to please share, comment, and spread the word about “The Catch of the Pride” across all social media platforms. 
       “We’re hoping the song gets playlists on Spotify so fingers crossed,” Blaylock says.
          It’s honesty probably my favorite song, and the video is a nice series of video effects. But what is up with the last line of the song (“I got a knife in my side”)?! Will the answers to come in the next song or something?…. We will see!

Overall: ★★★★1/2
The Catch of the Pride: ★★★★
Just Fly: ★★★★☆
Can’t Lose Hope: ★★★★1/2



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