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Remembering the Good ‘Ole Times 

     As a music lover, some of my tastes from years back have made me think of myself as a rather weird individual. First I was a boy band fan in my childhood, mainly Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Then, hardcore-rap/indie rock music in my High School years. Yes I said “rap”. but like dark rap such as Slaughterhouse. I also enjoyed popular like Eminem and D12. Nowadays I know I say that I no longer care for this type of music, but when I gave Urban5 a chance…. I just couldn’t help but to write a review. 
        Although I could be very critical of this genre, I’m not going to be because since I don’t understand any of the lyrics I know that it probably means something to me back then and also to other fans of the genre today. So I’ll be nice and say that I could never rap, and that’s saying something cause I can talk LOUD and fast. But that doesn’t compare at all to these guys on Urban5, because they can rap faster then most rappers. In my book, if you got rhythm and a good beat, then your good…. And that’s Urban5 written all over it.
          I’m respectfully not going to say much about these guys I honestly don’t know how to review this type of music. The reason why I’m reviewing them is 1. they were really nice and friendly and 2. they reminded me of the rap music I used to listen to throughout my high school and some of my college freshman year.
        For those who like this type of music, I think you’ld enjoy it so check it out; Flappin.

Overview: ★★★1/2☆

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