Wolfe Sunday [unedited]


Wolfe Sunday

     I love Airborne Toxic Event and Green Day, and this guy is both of these bands. His voice, especially in Kith & Kin/Sick to the Bone,  sounds like ATE, and his punk background sounds as simple as Green Day. 
     Wolfe is one of many bands that I have discovered from Rebecca Singer (fellow blogger friend) who  she found in the UK, and he is from London
     Listening to him from afar could sound like listening to a guy singing in a mic behind distorted guitars, but if you listen more intently it actually sounds pretty cool. It sounds like a guy who is singing for his own enjoyment and singing about stories that he wants to tell. What Wolfe Sunday sounds like to me is a potentially next alternative to listening to Green Day for punk rock fans. 
      He’s best album in my opinion is Empty Bottles, Broken Bones. Highlighting songs include Dead Benedict, Spare Change, and Lith & Limb to name a few. Dead Benedict is a hit-in-your-face kind of song, that sounds like simpler and more like a punk version of Ballad of Hollis Brown by Rise Against. Spare Change is an angry sounding song that sounds like the punk rock version of Gasoline by Airborne Toxic Event. Finally, Lith & Lin sounds like Where Did You Sleep Last Night a cover by Nirvana, without the screaming.  
Update: 7/15/17

             Wolfe Sunday has excitingly just come out with a brand new self-titled album. The album includes Damage Control which will be made into a music video, one that involves “a massive house party in a tiny flat!” Lawrence explains to me. 

    Wolfe Sunday continue to sound like a punk version of Airborne Toxic Event, and begins the album with a Song For You. The Song for You sounds like he is talking about his dedication to music throughout his life, especially with the lyrics “this was never just a phase” in the song. More about his background will come from a new post later down the road. Damage Control is certainly a highlight song of the whole album, with backup vocals that is a great addition to Wolfe Sunday’s sound. The first half of the album is great with the highlighted song (Damage Control), Song for You, and Mixtape. 
       The second half is better than the first 6 songs, basically because they don’t sound the same. Making Memories is a song about past lovers and sounds like a punk ballad song, unlike some of Sunday’s songs. I would love to hear the acoustic version of Everything We Lost, which is a great confession song. I’m Still Not a Rockstar, But I Sure Wish I Was sounds like a start for a possible punk rock star, being a catchy and unique song on the album. I love the beat of the final song, English Water.
     All-in-all I love the album, and I agree with past reviews of the album being a 8/10. Please share this great piece of work, and I can’t wait to inform all of you of what amazing life this artist has made for himself!
Overview: ★★★★1/2
Wolfe Sunday (Album): ★★★★1/2
Empty Bottles, Broken Bones: ★★★★☆

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