Hush Forever [unedited]

Hush Forever

    2016 seems to have treated the Hush Forever band well, with the song “Life Is A Black Curtain” being in the film JAG ÄLSKAR DIG (I Love You). Also they had the honor to open for Vanessa Carlton and British band Lantern On The Lake. But now it is 2017, and who knows what their next album, Ibiza, will have in store for this Swedish guitarist new year. 
     The solo artist, Sebastian Lilja, has a very interesting sound that can be compared to Stateless with guitar-driven beat as well with a Radiohead sound too. Escaping from the Swedish-Danish electronica group Flipside, he  wants to “‘break out of the mold at home and get away from things like the digital hustle and ringing phones for a while, to be able to focus on my dream project'”. That “dream project” is Ibiza, an album that is a tribute to “the creative and multicultural environment in the Balearic Islands, where the album was recorded”. 
         Singles Something/Nothing and B. John are very impressive, and the electronic influences are definitely there still. Overall, the songs are mixed well with their influences of chill-rock and electronic music. The voice are very well mixed in as well. The mold has been broken, and in comes his style of music….. And in comes his world that the rest of us deserve to hear because we all need to give him a chance.

(All quotes are from his bio, which was emailed to me through his management.)
————————————————————————————————————————————- 5/7/2017 Update
    As if the song wasn’t unique enough, now they made a remix for it. First a mystical and artistic music video, then a chilled remix focusing on the feeling of getting nothing out of what you thought was something. The remix really gives you a feeling of what emptiness feels like. In this way, I love this remix.

   If your expecting a bass drop or an EDM remix, then you got the wrong idea for this remix. This type of remix plays introduces a piano and a humming sound into the song, representing how many different angles the song can take. 
   The song changes only the background, so instead of a string instrument the song is driven with a piano beat.
10/1/2017 Update
         Hush Forever collaborated with Deep Dive Corp. recently and released a song that is on Spotify called “More”. The song has a dark and electronic tone to it that is intriguing to fans of all genre. 
        Sebastian seems to be doing well on Spotify, with over 5 thousand monthly listens. He’s also getting just under 150k listens on his single Something/Nothing, over 10k on the songs Never Let Me Down Again and Get It. I haven’t gotten any statement from Hush about his recent success, but I’m sure he is as busy as everyone else so that is totally fine!
   Shoutout to Hush Forever for making a sweet, mysterious, and electronic new single! Hope to hear from you guys soon!
        Hush forever has found a lot of success with collaborating (like mentioned before) Deep Dive Corporation and Mashti. In fact, on Spotify, Something/Nothing has dropped from #1 to #4 on Hush Forever’s most popular song. As of today, On The Road Again (with Mashti and Deep Dive Corporation) has risen to #2 with over 20k listens in just over 2 months. Never Let Me Down Again [NLMDA] (also with Mashti and Deep Dive Corporation) has additionally gotten over 60k listens since its release in July 2017 putting it at #3. It is so obvious that people are listening to the tracks, but are they liking it? Well, they must be because he just finished a tour in Asia and parts of Europe. 
      So far in 2018, Sebastian has been coming out with really good quality music, and I honestly find myself listening to On The Road Again about once or twice a day. With a title reminding me of a Willie Nelson song, I expected it to be a psychedelic/house cover version of that song at first (which is something I feel like he would do). To my surprise, it wasn’t even close to what I expected it to be. Although the song was definitely somewhat psychedelic, I really can’t relate it to any artists/song I know of except The Hum & The Howl’s most recent song called I Wish I Was A Shark (review for TH&TH coming most likely late this year or next year). I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about this song, and the same goes for NLMDA. 
       Never Let Me Down Again is a rather dark themed song, similarly to On The Road Again. Either Deep Dive Corporation or Mashti or Hush Forever (probably all) seem to have a thing for dark aromatic beats against melancholy vocals, and I kind of like the tone but just hope it doesn’t get overused. Never Let Me Down Again definitely sounds like a song Radiohead or even Interpol would come out with, but yet it’s not at all anything like the horrific mess the new Arctic Monkey’s album (Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino) turned out to be. By the way, that Arctic Monkey’s album easily gets 2 out 5 stars for me despite how much I love the band.   
          Overall these two new tracks don’t seem to only benefit Deep Dive Corporation, they also seem to get Hush Forever and Mashti’s names out there. That’s a truly awesome thing for all artists, and really hope all there success continues!

Overview: ★★★★1/2
On The Road Again: ★★★★★
More (Single): ★★★★★
Never Let Me Down Again: ★★★★★
For Now: ★★★★1/2
Something/Nothing (Refeelable Remix): ★★★★☆



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