Dogtooth [unedited]



     Dogtooth is a very interesting band, and they seem very mature. Their sound can be compared to indie rock bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and even Oasis. With songs like Rebel and Get In Get Out, they have got some nice guitar riffs and punk-sounding vocals. These guys can rock out. 
    One thing that I find that I really appreciate about their music is how they are so composed on the stage. They’re like watching Vampire Weekend when they perform, not letting the crowd admire their performance on the stage but the music more than anything else. In this way, they seem like true gentlemen, and to be quite honest I admire that.
    The one thing that really sticks out to me above anything else is how many covers these guys have. “They have about a list of 48 covers from a lot of different artists and approximately 9 of their own at present” (Facebook messenger). Cover songs include some of their favorite artists like The Clash (London Calling, Should I Stay or Should I Go, and Rock The Casbah), The Who (My Generation, and Can’t Explain), and so many more from bands like Oasis and The Jam.  The list is so big, that they don’t even have an official list!
      I would like to thank Jennifer, John’s mom for providing all this cool information for me while they were asleep!
10/1 Update 

       There’s something about these two songs that Dogtooth just came out with, “Pass Her Bye” and “There You Go”. The two songs have a more mature and a little bit of a Pop sound to it, but I frankly like it. The sound is a bit different, but doesn’t take away from their original sound. The lyrics fit better in with the instruments, but they still sound like their first hits such as  “Rebel” and “Get In Get Out”. Finally, I guess I like “There You Go” out of the two great songs, that song just has more of a kick and rock feel to it!
        Dogtooth is doing okay on Spotify with under 500 monthly listeners, “Rebel” has under 5k listens, and “Get In Get Out” has over 5k listens. Dogtooth sent me a message the other day about these songs, and seemed to be pretty happy with them!

Overview: ★★★★1/4
Pass Her Bye: ★★★★★
Rebel: ★★★★★
Get In Get Out: ★★★★1/2


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