Joe Symes and the Loving Kind [unedited]

Joe Symes & the Loving Kind on SoundCloud
Joe Symes & the Loving Kind 
Interview & Review

        These guys are nothing but interesting, he had the honor to play at the after-party for Noel Gallagher‘s tour. He didn’t only play for Noel once, but twice. “I think that was our favorite gig, and the fact that we were asked to do it twice was a big compliment” said drummer Colin White during my interview with him and Joe last week. 
        Before finding his mark with this band, Joe and Colin tried their luck with a previous bands that did not turn out to be as successful. “You gotta go through other bands to get to where you want to be” states Colin, which seems to be a common theme for artists that I’ve met that play in all kinds of genres. “We are making an album in Peter Gabriel’s studio” says Joe, and come on how many bands get to do that?
         Their tour they say are going well, the show they played before the interview was at a sold-out theater. They have opened for the Christians, and the fans cheered them on for an encore. They’re going to stay local with the rest of tour, and they will be playing their first outdoor gig soon. When asked to compare themselves to other bands, they both simply said “you can’t”.
         They said that they have all different type of music like rock, pop, a little country, and a mix of alternative in all of their songs. Colin says “there are songs that sound like rock, and others that sound like dixieland music”.
         It was a great pleasure to have the chance to talk to these musicians, and hopefully I will meet them backstage someday in Boston!

7/12/17 update 
————————————————————————————————————————     Joe has recently sent me an EP that contains 4 live acoustic tracks called (in order); Calling Out to You, Things Get Better, Shoot Us Down, and All of the Things We Said. “Tracks 1 & 4 will be available in full band form on our next album due to be released the end of this year, & track 3 is a brand new song that we thought we would put on this Ep.” Joe announces. 
      The 4 tracks definitely stay with their original sound, I like the bongos in Calling Out to You. I really like the acoustic guitar with the bongos (once again) in Things Get Better and the song sounds really good live….. I like how Shoot Us Down has a maraca, which is a nice addition to the song. All of the Things We Said is by far though my favorite song on this EP; great balance with the voice and background, cool lyrics, longer then all the rest of the songs, and overall great tune! 
     Overall it’s a good EP, I would love to see Things Get Better and All of the Things We Said played live (and maybe someday I will).  

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Acoustic Variations (Volume 2): ★★★★☆
Joe Symes….  (Album): ★★★★1/2



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