Yur Mum [unedited]

Yur Mum 
Interview & Review 

      Where does the band name come from? “It came from this” Akos (drummer) said while pointing to a wine bottle. “It was after a rehearsal and a lot of alcohol” said Ane (vocalist), “we needed an idea fast cause we had a gig and we didn’t have a name”. They like to think that their unique cause of their lack pretentiousness, “we just want to play, we kind of cut-the-crap and don’t try to look good or try to please anyone” Ane says. Overall, they seem to just want to have fun, and honestly the world needs more bands like them in it…. Music is supposed to be fun to make as well. 
       I interviewed band members Fabio (from Brazil), Ane (Brazilian), and Akos (from Hungary). They all live in London, and the two Brazilians met each other while playing on an electronic/industrial band called Plastique. Akos met Fabio (Plastique’s guitarist) and Ane (vocalist) when they met each other at a Plastec gig, from there they “jammed out” together and made their own band. “We wanted to go back to our roots and do something raw, something you can just improvise” Fabio said when explaining why they decided to make their own band. Fabio now plays the drums, Ane still sings, and Akos plays the guitar. “The friendship came first, between the three of us. And then the desire to jam together came” Ane remarked. 
       Akos was influenced by being a huge Guns ‘N Roses fan, and Slash is a biggest influence for being a guitarist. Ane says she is inspired by the grunge era, but the bands are harder to say because “they go through phases” she says. Lastly, Fabio could think of many bands for each of their songs. But the band in all agrees that they aren’t trying to sound like a specific band, they want their own individual sound. 
        Fabio says if he wasn’t doing music then “I would be a very sad man”, but would do more graphic designing if anything. Ane would be either do something in the theater, or be a “PE teacher”. And the drummer said “I seriously have no idea”, but the band would lean on their day jobs that they have other then the music. 
        “We have the most random fan base ever” says Ane, ranging from youngest at 7 years old, “when I played in front of her I was like ‘when I scream I’m going to make her cry’…. But I didn’t!” says Ane. And the oldest fans are in their late 50’s and 60’s. But the most dedicated man goes to “pretty much all our shows, he travels wherever we go… But he also supports a lot of the other bands as well” says Fabio, this man is called Michael Welsh. Who I want to wish a happy birthday and retirement to, because he seems like a really cool guy! 
        Yur Mum’s music is on Spotify (with a full album), SoundCloud (mostly demos), Bandcamp, and Facebook (mostly live videos). Thank you Kehd Flowers for introducing me to this awesome group, and I look forward to updating my readers for future updates!
Overview: ★★★★1/2
YuR MuM (Live): ★★★★1/2
Igor the Gipsy: ★★★★★

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