Partyshuffle [unedited]



    Niklas Liggo Snall from Sweden definitely has one of the coolest hobbies, he drives cool old cars and pull parts of remixes together. To be honest, I would hang out with him! He doesn’t have enough followers, so go follow him and listen to the craziness this dude makes for his mixtapes on SoundCloud.

     He seems like he’s living a good life drinking alcohol in the passenger seat (thank you Niklas for not drinking and driving) and blasting his mixtapes of awesome remixes.
    “I listen to the music when I’m welding at work. And when I party I’m in my old cars with friends” Nik says. He also told me that he makes these mixes on his computer, and it takes about 8 remixes to make one mixtape. His SoundCloud tracks are about 4-7 minutes long, but I want more everytime one ends. 

Overview: ★★★★☆


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