Straitjacket Union [unedited]

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Straightjacket Union 


Interview & Review   

       “I (Michael, the guitarist) think that our wide range of influences can make our songwriting unique. I listen to, and play, just about everything- pop, rock, jazz, metal and hip hop. The list goes on. To me the trick is to let oneself be influenced by all those things but still keep the songs somewhat simplistic. Hampus, the other songwriter in this band has a more straightforward approach, but he’s a genius when it comes to creating beautiful melodies and lyrics.”…. So to start off talking about Straitjacket Union, lets begin by realizing how different they are. 

           Straitjacket all began with the singer, also part keyboardist and rhythm guitarist, Hampus being signed to an indie label, and Hampus needed a “backing band”. “We learned his tunes and rehearsed for a couple of weeks. After a while the sound started to drift more towards a rawer, more rocky sound.” Now Union have a fan base of all kinds of “men and women of all ages”, and their music is for all kinds of people. The music they make is “something that everyone can listen and relate to” Michael says. “People should listen to our music because we’ve released, and will release well crafted songs. We want to make them beautiful, yet powerful.” 
          Their newest songs, including “Got Some Soul, Kid?”, has gotten good reviews and reception from fans. This comes despite a publishing deal from a recording label. Michael is personally proud of how well the band’s songs are written and how they sound together after just 6 or 7 months of being a band. 
           Future plans do include an album, which will come out after releasing a 4-song EP. But on top of everything, they want to be backed by a recording label first. “Before we release a proper old school album we want to be backed by a label, be it major or indie, and not just release the album by ourselves” Michael reasonably tells me. “Someday We Will Win” was written by Hampus, and “Got Some Soul, Kid” was written by Michael…. “They’re very different in character. That might be a good thing but we want to write more songs together from scratch. And not just us two, but with Mattias (the bass player) and William (the drummer) too. They’re all creative.”
(Got Some Soul Kid)
Overview: ★★★★1/2
Got Some Soul, Kid?: ★★★★1/2


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