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Chris Ultranova 

Interview & Review 

         Chris Ultranova has always loved his music, “I have always loved listening to music, hearing it on video games in the background was something that really started my interest” he says. He would sit with a tape recorder, go on a bus, and just listen to music where ever he was. At 16 years old, Ultranova began to make his own music. “My goal has always been to lean more and more about music production, so I can put the ideas in my head into a well produced track. I always had ideas but lacked the knowledge in my early days. In terms of Djing my goal has always been to perform at bigger and better venues / events” says Chris. 
         “I”m very influenced by other producers I see creating music that expresses emotion but can still be played during a DJ set” states Chris. Nature and “a mixture of melodic but hard hitting electronic music” is what influences Chris’s remixes. Some great examples of these tracks are “Castle On The Hill” by Ed Sheeran and “Without You” by Illenium. Both of the tracks are cleverly driven by a synthetic piano sound, and introduce new riffs that surprisingly fit the songs perfectly. This makes the songs sound more electronic and explosive. His instrumental tracks, which include “Green Light” by Lorde and “Feel Good” by Gryffin Illenium and Daya, are equally intriguing and makes you want to jump. All the tracks made by Chris I can easily see be played in clubs worldwide, and I hope he gets a gig in America soon!
         “If you like a mixture of Melodic but hard hitting electronic music from House, Future Bass and Trap then it’s definitely worth a listen, I have regular Free downloads and giveaways so there is always something available at nothing more than the cost of a like or two” explains Chris.   
             Chris has opened/supported DJ’s such as “Sigma, DJ Fresh, Shift K3Y, Tom Zanetti and Radio 1 DJ’s Scott Mills ,Chris Stark and Zane Lowe”. Now even if you haven’t heard of these artists, which includes me, it is still a respectful list of DJ’s that he should be very proud of. “It’s always a privilege to be chosen to support big acts, the feeling is amazing when they come on stage whilst you are still playing and you can see them really feeling your music (you hope). It can be slightly nerve racking especially the first few times but you soon get into it” Chris says.

Me: What kind of fan base do you have? 
Chris: “Well, hopefully people who like my music and support me as a DJ. I appreciate anyone taking the time to listen to my music and giving me feedback.”
          Chris is currently working on “new remixes and some more originals now” as well as collaborating with other artists that will be worth uploading. So don’t miss it!

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Chasing Summer: ★★★★1/2
Wild Ones: ★★★★★
Feel Good: ★★★★☆
Castle On The Hill: ★★★★★
Green Light: ★★★★☆
Looking for Love: ★★★★★
Atlantis: ★★★★★
Without You: ★★★★★
I’m in Control: ★★★★1/2



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