Ruby Leigh Pearson (10 Year Old Country Singer)

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Ruby Leigh Pearson


Interview & Review 

     Everybody scanning through my blog stop right here. This is a future star that everyone should stop and listen to. Country fan or not, I found Ruby to be a remarkable singer even though I know nothing about Country. Ruby is opening for country music legend Mickey Gilley in September 2017!
       This 10-year future star from Missouri is being compared to former country star Allison Krauss’s by one of her biggest supporters George Portz also. “Ruby has a lot of the very same qualities that Allison Krauss had (at) the same age” Ruby’s Dad, Casey Pearson, told me. Casey also said, “Dr. Dale Smith the founder of the American Kids Inc. has worked with Blake Shelton and a ton of other great singers (and) said he would rank Ruby in the upper crust of any child he has ever worked with!” I am sure these compliments are just beginning to come in from country singers so I’ll stop right there cause there are an interview and amazing covers to talk about.
         “I have been given a gift from God, because I come from a very non-musical family and in the short time I have been singing I have many adults (that are) coming to me crying telling me about happy memories I brought back or other ways I have touched their hearts and if I can do that for people I (will) feel successful and if it’s Gods will the money will come!” Ruby says. This girl isn’t just an amazing singer, but she’s also very mature for her age. She told me her biggest supporter of her music is her family, a very poor family from a poor community in Missouri.         Her love of music began 8 months ago when she sat down with her Dad in their garage and listened to “beautiful music” like Dublin Blues by Guy Clark. “He told me music tells a story, first you have to hear the story then you hear the beautiful music!” says Ruby. It’s not only Country music that she sings and loves to listen to, but she tells me she usually likes to sing her multi-genre covers with a Country style.
        Being 10 years old with her kind of voice is a blessing to her family and herself, as well as making singing a lot more fun for her too. “It’s is very exciting to do something like this at any age, (especially at 10). I haven’t been singing for (more than) a year yet (and) it is unbelievable. I’m so happy and honored to get to do it!” Ruby explained. However, not everybody who I showed Ruby to liked her voice like I did… And that is okay, “I just say I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite and I’m ok with that! Because there are a lot of singers I don’t care for but others (I) love. So I work hard to keep the ones that love me happy” says Ruby. To me, that is a very mature response, and very respectful for Ruby to say to her critics.
          I believe Ruby’s future is very bright future and is aware of that but still stays humble about her talent. “Where do I see my self after opening for Mickey Gilley, I’m still going to be a poor girl from the 150 person town of Foley Mo. but in my heart I will be the Richest girl in the world,” Rudy says… And I’m here to tell you, Ruby, it’s all right to dream….. Hell, you may possibly even get rich, who knows!
Ruby will be performing at the NAMM show convention in Anaheim, CA. Casey tells me “She will be representing Roadie Tuner Who Endorsed her earlier in the year“. On top of that, “she has been invited to perform at an Artist Endorsement Show and been given an Artist Badge also. That is huge because you have to really well know to even get in! The guy said she will turn heads for sure! Simon Cowell’s people will be there and a ton of other industry professionals and Super Stars! So it keeps getting better all the time!
Overview: ★★★★1/2


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