Janxx [unedited]

Interview & Review

  “It pretty much is my lifestyle”, Janxx says about how her music is affecting her lifestyle….. Which she says she even is taking time off of work. Everything about her music is worth spending more time with it, with inspirations coming mainly from the 90’s such as Radiohead and Portishead.  Her inspirations seem to be rubbing off of her fans because her “local fans seem to be older, like in the 30’s and 40’s. Which I didn’t notice until I opened for a band that has a very young fan base…. Like 16 years old” she states.    

   Living in an area that doesn’t have a lot of electronic gigs in the music scene, Janxx finds herself traveling at least 6 ho urs to play gigs in other parts of California. Other than her local fans, it seems like she has more online fans she says.

           She says that after years of trying to build her success with playing on different bands, she decided “instead of forming a band I decided to do it by myself” she says.

      Her songs are, like I have said, influenced by mainly 90’s bands, and when she makes them she “sit(s) down to a piano and a song comes out.” This is a very broad and interesting way to make a song, and one way that I have never heard anyone do. It seems like most of the bands I have interviewed lately have made a majority of their songs by coming up with their background first and then writing the lyrics.
      Janxx wasn’t even aware that she was on the #MonsterThread playlist when I reached out to her and asked her to do an interview and review, and in fact didn’t even know who Jon Magnusson was. So I told her her song “Beat Down” was on House playlist, I believe, and she says so far she hasn’t gotten any bigger of an audience.        She is awfully busy, “I’m currently getting ready to record my first album” she says. It’s a good life she’s living right now though, because she’s making money off of what is her passion. In a year from now, she says she can see herself “make a living doing what I love, that would be happy” Janxx says. 

Undress: ★★★★1/2
High Horse: ★★★★1/2
Janxx (Album): ★★★★☆

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