Wolves Of Youth [unedited]

Wolves of Youth 
Interview & Review

           “Country wise, Ireland is a great place to play music. There’s all great venues to play at, and everyone is into the music here” Wolves of Youth band member Ciaran O’Reilly said. And their country has certainly been good to them, being played on all the big Irish radio stations and became friends with an amazing producer and promoter in Philip Magee. Magee for instance has connections as deep as The Script and Klondile….. who I may be able to 

interview in the near future may be……..

            “We are inspired by all our brothers and sisters here (in Ireland), and just started making the music (at a young age)” the guys tell me. And to be frank, they play their instruments pretty well. And their songs, like Janxx and Big Brutus, also come together through building background first and then the lyrics. “It usually starts off with usually a row or something, and then everyone has their little touch for the song. And then we put in a bass riff or something, then you know Jeremy is just a machine on the drums. Then Shelley adds alittle, and the studio is a nice place to be when everyone has got their parts added in” Ciaran says.
             So far they’ve got pretty decent EP and single’s releases, some include their two single It’s Not for You and Say Something. Out of the two I would say It’s Not For You is more appealing, and the music video is cool to watch as well. My favorite release they’ve already come out with is probably their 3-song self-titled EP, with highlight songs Not Leaving without You and These Days.
               Compared to a year ago, the band was just a normal band with seemingly decent potential. But thanks to Philip Magee’s support they have more potential. “All our equipment is way better” they say, that lifts their sound and editing processes. Gary’s getting married in September, which is exciting and I’m assuming they don’t have to pay for a band.

        The interview in my book went well, and so it was apparently in their book to because…. “Gary doesn’t usually like doing interviews and stuff, but he just told me that he liked this one” says Ciaran.

Overview: ★★★★1/2
It’s Not For You: ★★★★1/2
Say Something: ★★★★★
Wolves of Youth (Single): ★★★★★



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