Little Spiral [unedited]

Little Spiral on Spotify

Little Spiral 

Interview & Review                     

    “My fan base are funny, and a little introverted. They care about big world issues. They’re into poetry. They really respond when I have certain questions. They’re music geeks, they just love listening to music and sharing their favorite tracks. There’s a couple folks who are in my fan base who just be on every Facebook Live and follow everything I do.” I love to find bands and artists who’s fans actually really care about them…… And Little Spiral has exactly that. Suzanne truly loves what she does, coming from a family where “everyone in my family took piano lessons”.

          It’s a hectic life for her but a good one at the same time, she is a marketing specialist and a musician that is getting rather popular online. I’ve seen some of her Facebook questions to fans, and their praise for her was relentless but very much deserved. Her online concerts make her a very intriguing and different artist amongst the many I have had a pleasure to talk to. I gained knowledge off Tori Amos who’s a rather large 90’s influence of Little Spiral, and in it I found a very new kind of artist. Her music is in some ways more or less remind me of Sara Bareilles with a little deeper vocal tone.  Right now her influences are rather different than how she sounds, “a lot of Radiohead, a  lot of Muse.”, based off what she is listening to right now.
        Without even telling anybody about a poetry book being release, Suzanne had already got a sale from her fan base 30 minutes after releasing it.
         As for her 3 Spotify songs, Tossing & Turning is a relaxing and chilled song while Filthy Clean is a techno and soul sounding song with a little kick to it. But Arrive is my favorite cause of the poetic lyrics it possesses, I admire the audacious line that makes me dream bigger…. “If your wildest dreams are all coming true, maybe your dreams aren’t wild enough”.
         Suzanne has been gigging at local concerts, and (like I’ve mentioned) have been playing online concerts. For future plans she is working on making an EP. She is also “actively looking for a band mate” with electronic music skills. If you have any connections of artists she might want to get a hold of please contact her on Facebook. 
Overview: ★★★★★
Tossing & Turning: ★★★★★
Filthy Clean: ★★★★1/2
Arrive: ★★★★★

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