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Rachel Grace 

Interview & Review

     Rachel Grace is a 15 year old musician from Wexford, Ireland. In Rachel’s own words “I have always loved music, it has always been a happy constant in my life growing up and it’s just what was in my life the longest. It’s always been music that inspires me.” Her inspirations for her music, is basically “anything on the radio” and whatever she feels like listening to. I find Rachel as an extraordinary talent that will only grow with her age further down the road if she continues to chase her musical dreams. However, I also want her to live a normal school-girls life just to see if she could have something to fall back on if music falls through the cracks. But I doubt that will ever happen, because she’s just too good to overlook!
     Some of her influences include; U2, Pentatonix, and (although her music doesn’t sound like them) AC/DC are the bands she likes. She loves Ed Sheeran, and also likes his newest album. These influences, other than Pentatonix, do not surprise me because U2 and AC/DC are very popular around the world. Her fan base is “family mainly”, but she’s branching out to other musicians and their fanbase too. “The more popular you get the more chances you get to do more things”. Such as playing in hotels and other venues. She was invited to play at the Electric Picnic but couldn’t actually play because (again) she’s underage. The Electric Picnic is basically a big festival in Ireland and if you play there, “that’s how you know you basically ‘made it (in Ireland)'”.
       She does take voice lessons, but nowadays “we just chat, because she told me there’s not a lot she can teach me anymore”. She does write her own songs, “my last album had 10 songs and 7 of them were original” she says. Her videos are filmed with a new “quality camera” she got, and she has sung at some churches and castles.Her lifestyle has always been music, “my life revolves around music and all I do is music.” Her parents push her to be the musician she can be, especially her Dad. “I actually do like school, so (my life is basically) school and music”. For her covers she says; “if I like a song I will do a cover of it.
     Rachel has just finished a 3 day support gig for world famous Don Mescall and has also supported Wallis Bird in recent months. Rachels popularity, not only in her home town but nationwide, is growing daily with a rapidly growing fanbase.

Song for You: ★★★★1/2



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