Laurence Crow [unedited]

Laurence Crow

         “A by-product of a bad break up and later being made homeless, in the early days Wolfe Sunday focused his energy on booking shows, finding sofas to sleep on, and being the best he could be. After touring the length and breadth of the UK and some of Eastern Europe, selling homemade CDs as he went, Wolfe Sunday was soon bursting with new material and ready to start work on a brand new album.he reason why I’m taking the time is simply because I find this great punk singer as an inspiration.” Laurence is a great inspiration and role model for those who are in the same situation or struggling in their own way. Just like I did for Crow, I extend myself out to everyone who mentally struggling or struggling in general. No one should ever feel like they’re struggling alone in this world, and remember I have struggled my own way too.
        Laurence tells me that he was in a toxic relationship and lived with friends that treated him poorly and lived in terrible place to live. He was “voluntarily” homeless; “I was living in a terrible place, with people who had been my friends but had all turned against me, to the point that no one would speak to me in my own home.” He decided to leave town and started to book shows across the UK. And that’s how his career all began….. By literally leaving and making his own living for himself.
         “I think telling a story is so important in music, not just in songs, but also in the actual persona and character you portray. Everything is important. To me, my whole stage show is as important as the songs.”
            Today, Laurence is recently married and making a good living for himself by continuing to play gigs as well as graphic designing for other bands, including his own.

Overview: ★★★★★
Inspiration: ★★★★★


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