Scribble Victory [unedited]

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Scribble Victory 

Interview & Review

        For someone who hasn’t been feeling like himself and just broke up with a long term girlfriend, the songs I Deserve Much Better and Face Up To The Facts are songs that I need to hear and motivate me. For that reason, I’m very grateful I found them. I’m not the only the person that is affected by their music, Scribble Victory is also. “If we didn’t put ourselves out there, we wouldn’t know half of the people we know now”, and they also say that they’re life would be boring with a boring job if they didn’t have their band to lean on. “We’ve been in other bands before, but this has probably been the one they like most. It’s probably because it’s easy to listen to”, they said about their family’s reaction to Scribble Victory. 
          With over 3 thousand fans on Facebook, I guess that fans have been supportive of Scribble for the last 4 years. “We get people coming up to us and asking us to sign our CD’s.” In fact they are the first group I’ve gotten in touch with who say their fans ask for autographs a lot! During their last music festival, Angel Microbrewery show on April 28th, “the rain and wind was so bad that the main stage acts had to pull out basically. And so everyone was looking for a place to go, so they headed towards one of the tents and we were in one of tents…. It worked out really good for us because we played in front of over 500 people.”
          They also say that they’re music “depends on what song it is” when it comes to the difficulty. “The songs that are the best to make are probably the songs that comes to us more easily. So something that just clicks right away.” Your Only as Good as Your Last Mistake was their hardest song to make, because “basically before we started by saying ‘let’s challenge our self to make the stupidly hardest song we can think of’, and it took us ages to make.” Their favorite song that they made is still in the making, the song is “about a person who betrayed you.” But their favorite song that is already produced is Stalemate. My favorite songs are mostly from their newest self-titled album that includes the songs I already mentioned and The Weather Can’t Make Up It’s Mind. Stalemate and You’re only as Good as You’re Last Mistake are also a favorite of mine.
            When people listen to their music, “they should look at it with an open mind, I think the whole psychology of what people see is they expect us to be quite quiet. But we actually got a full sound, so people say if you close your eyes and listen to it you’ll hear a 4-piece band.” They also say to give it a few songs to get used to listening and then fans usually say that’s when they buy into their music more. 
            For the future, Scribble Victory are looking to a song from their newest EP every month, and are also getting ready to support a popular punk UK band called Gnarwolves. 

Overall: ★★★★1/2

Scribble Victory Album: ★★★★★
Expectations EP: ★★★★☆
Stalemate Single: ★★★★☆

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