Katrin Johansson [unedited]

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Katrin Johansson 
Interview & Review
              Terrorist attacks are happening more often now-a-days, and when I heard that there was a terrorist attack in Finland not to long before Katrin’s interview….. A thought lingered into my mind that I just had to ask her, do these events inspire her to write hopeful lyrics as a way to say “we are not afraid”………… “Personally I don’t think that this kind of happening brings people to write music, because that would mean that those attacks influenced your mind that deeply. That’s why I try to at least avoid that idea.” My thoughts and prayers are wishing for a good future and health for all her friends and their families who were near that terrible tragedy. 

               Katrin’s music is definitely inspiring, and the reason why she writes music is inspiring too. She says she writes music “to express (my) personal life and how it makes (me) see the world, that’s why I started to make music.” I know this is why a lot of artists write music as well, but it still doesn’t take away from how much I admire it….. It’s something I wish upon everyone, I hope all people do what they want to do as a career…… “With music, my life has sense. I feel like my life has a meaning… a true meaning, because I think if I wasn’t doing it…. I can’t not see what my life would be like without it.”
               Katrin has conducted a couple of music videos, and she wanted to try to see how people reacted to her song Teardrops in the Rain without knowing they were even being filmed. “The song was really sad, like it was a sad love story. But somehow what people said afterwards, through this sort of sadness, they saw inspiration.” The music video was named after her other single, Lonely Together.

              “There a lot of people who say my music helps them, and this what I personally think is my greatest achievement…. I try to do it in the most professional way.” Her favorite song she has made is her most recent and most popular song, Free Your Mind. “That song is a part of something very deep inside of me. This is like the first song that I did 100% listening only to myself.” Free Your Mind is a great addition to Johansson’s collection, but will she continue to make Electronic Pop music…… “I don’t know, I have no idea because you know I tried to listen to my kind of inner sound and I cannot do all the songs in the same genre. You have the song you stay and hear it, and you express it. And their all different.” 
         “My biggest gig so far, was about 3K people. And actually that felt amazing……The more people who are listening to you, and the less fear you have.”
          She may not be coming out with anything soon, estimating a couple months to produce her new material…. “I’m working on my EP’s, I have like three more singles to release….. They’re like all different, but they’re all great too. They’re going to be very crazy, but their still good.” All her new songs will stay “somewhere popish, but maybe we will like alittle like Eastern vibes.”

Overall: ★★★★1/2
Free Your Mind: ★★★★1/2
Lonely Together: ★★★★1/2
Teardrops in the Rain: ★★★★1/2
One Last Kiss: ★★★★☆

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