Hawk and the Wild [Unedited]

Hawk and the Wild 
Interview & Review

         “It’s my way of ventilating (about) all things around me. All that’s happening in the world and people that I love and things that I hate. Its all about impressions mirrored in my consciousness that’s been rendered into words and music just trying to encompass that feeling for the listener to experience.” This powerful voice he puts into his lyrics definitely shows in his music. 
         Jimmy says that he got into music; “I’m not really sure ‘why’ so to speak, it sort of just happened as soon as I started playing guitar more seriously when I was about 18 years old. I found out I had a voice, was good with words and writing poetry.” He certainly has skill at writing, from songs like “Extrication Song” and “Flame and Burning Coals”.
        Hawk says that the listeners on #MonsterThread are like his friends, and he is astounded by the connections he made with people within this playlist community Jon Magnusson has built. “Its the friendship around music, music-making and promoting another artist. People wanting to get the word out about great music.”
       He has played in around Sweden with radio play and in his town (Västerås) “for about 50 000 listeners”. He has played at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sweden through a release concert for Extrication Song album, Peace and Love cafe and festival.
           “While not playing music or scribbling on a new song, except for my daytime work, I’m riding different board sports or speaking for human rights. Like the anti-racist social media charity project and single ‘The Dream is Still Alive’ is released a music video on YouTube and also for streaming on Spotify/iTunes. The song has been in first place on the Swedish independent chart and the music video have had great success in Germany, France, and England.”
            For the past 9-10 months following the release of his newest album, Extrication Song, Hawk and the Wild has had a constant traffic stream on YouTube, and whenever he goes on the radio he has a lot of support on air as well. “The best thing for me is I have been contacted from different venues inviting me to play sparing me that workload. And giving me a boost of confidence as a live artist. But it is hard to get the music out on a broader plane to a new audience. I’ve been trying different platforms as well as trying to get more followers. In that regard, Atom Collector Records have been great as well as the #MonsterThread community helping each other with collaborating playlists and such.”
           On top of being a father in October, HATW is currently working on releasing an EP, “totally dedicated to songs about and to the ocean. The working name of the project is ‘Life and death of old Mrs. Ocean’.” This album is dedicated to his love of swimming, surfing, and doing other oceanic sports. “It will be a bit political about humans way of affecting our water and afflicting harm on sea living creatures with our way of life. At the same time, I will try to have a chill and light vibe compared to Extrication Songs, but I never know exactly what I end up with because I try and let the songs decide what to do. Maybe through the music promoting things like ‘Beach Clean Get Together’ and supporting organizations like The Nordic Ocean Watch.”
              He is releasing a remake of Guest Of Honour, a song he wrote around 10 years ago and was unreleased as a demo. “Now my friend Marko, that also did a country remix of the song ‘Colour’ found that clip and wanted to do a remake of the song. He ended up using the track from that live clip and overdubbed with bass, strings and some 80’s like sampled drums. It might be a part of the EP, (if) it fits the story, we’ll see.”
(10/22/17 update)
        Jimmy Witfalk, the vocalist for Hawk and the Wild, has recently become a father! Congratulations Jimmy you’ll be a great father! I’m not surprised and totally understand that he will not be coming out with a lot of material, but he has come out with a new single called “Guest of Honour”. 
        It’s a dark but beautiful song,” Jimmy told me, and I am expecting it will be remixed also…. but don’t get your hopes up because there’s no word of that yet. I find the same analogy in the song, it is dark but it definitely sounds like Hawk and the Wild because of the deep-toned vocals and emotional lyrics.
           Overall it is a great song, and I expect to do well for the reception. There’s a lot of bass in it, and it sounds like the song belongs in a Game of Thrones episode.

Guest of Honour: ★★★★1/2
Extrication Songs: ★★★★1/2

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