We Are Bandicoot [unedited]

We Are Bandicoot 
Interview &Review
          “Whether music has improved or burdened our lives is definitely a question. One thing is that music is the only consistent thread through all our lives. People and experiences come and go, music just seems like it never will leave us. It comforts us in the bad times, lets us party harder during the good times and is the one thing you can rely on to take your mind far way or o focus you on the current.” This kind of answer definitely seems common for bands, especially the saying that “music just seems like it never will leave us” but it never fails to make me thankful for music. We Are Bandicoot are very different kind of band, with a very well produced sound and background that leads me intrigued every time I listen to them.
         “We all had different paths that introduced us to music. We started creating together 3 years ago when Matt (Drummer) joined the band. He had been in a previous set up and we loved his style of drumming, so when the opportunity arrived, we asked him to come aboard.” Before Matt started drumming for the band, the band members were writing for their own music careers. Just like many other people, the reason why they started making music is because “music is our way to vent at the world, at people we have encountered, its our slice of perspective on this weird and wonderful world. Music is an enabler and it certainly helps to get the weight off the shoulders when the world can seem overbearing and frustrating. Couple this with listening to amazing music from all genres, we had the recipe to start creating.”  

          When asked how they think the reception is going, Simon says; “we enjoy it, if others do too that’s great. We write for ourselves and are never too shy to experiment.”We are a live band, the more we play the more we are learning every time. The reaction from people again has been nothing short of outstanding. It inspires us to continue and we endeavor to grow alongside our shows and our audiences.” They also say that they make music for themselves, which is inspirational because that’s the definition of what a job or hobby should be….. Something that you do for yourself. As far as their fan reception to their live sets however, ” My reception to their music is positive, I really like the songs “Doom”, “Rodeo”, and “Only a Fool”. I like the bluesy and alternative rock sound that certainly differs Bandicoot from a lot of the other bands in their genre.
       “The reaction to our latest track L.A.X has been phenomenal and all those that have supported us and shared the track and repeatedly played it, we are eternally grateful.”
        Their best accomplishments are “touring South East Asia with no budget or plan, just a sense of adventure.” Also making their newest album, Temper, is one of their biggest accomplishments too. For this year, “we decided at the beginning of 2017 that many shows, where appropriate, we would amp up and bring a real party vibe. This has gone down a storm and people are now turning up with their dancing shoes firmly gaffer tapped to their souls (We know its spelt soles but the imagery made us chuckle).”
           They don’t have a favorite song, because it “depends on so many other factors it really can’t be pinned to one.” They do, however, enjoy bands like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and other 80’s and 90’s psychedelic bands. “We try and see the positive in all songs whether we like the song overall or not.” Their hardest song is “Haciender Bender”, which is a song in the making and is not out yet. “Its written about a hostel in Otres in Cambodia where we spent many a night playing cards. Its fast paced and hard hitting with some intricate changes. These are always hard to lay down in the studio and even harder to capture the energy which it conveys in a live setting.”
         How is the reception for your music?: “Depends where we are in the world. In London we have some great fans but the whole UK scene is seeming further and further away from where we want to be. No one seems too keen to go and just watch live music anymore. Even if its free. I guess YouTube means you can do it from your bedroom in your slacks. This is a problem, one that is slowly choking grass roots music, starting with the small venues all shutting down. Regardless of our music, in The UK we all need to be more receptive to live music. Keep the dream alive for all the bands who put their life on hold to play in a band and chase that dream. In other spots, Europe and Asia spring to mind, people LOVE live music still, so the opportunities are there you just got to get in front of them. We hear Australia is lively too, maybe we will go there some day…”
         The band is currently working on 2 singles for the summer, “it’s called Nothing Changes and you will be able to stream it on all good outlets.” Then they are “going quiet” so they can focus on making another album. After that, they will be going on the road to play in live shows again.

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Temper: ★★★★1/2
Limitations: ★★★★1/2
Doom: ★★★★1/2


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