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Brookelyn Rose

Brookelyn Rose

Interview & Review
        “To me, vocals are very important and sometimes artists… Especially like Pop artists that I hear now… It kind of goes to the wayside with words, and melodies… Lyrics are important, and they should stay important.” Brookelyn Rose, a graduate from Temple University, studied Theater with a minor in music. Found me through Rebecca Singer’s blog, and emailed me with her new single (“Promises”). Promises is certainly an emotionally written song.
      “I hope (people) can relate to what I’m saying, cause that’s what music does to me…. Having people say ‘that has happened to me, thank you for being that vessel for me to get my feelings out’. That’s one of the best things, at least for like the fans and listeners, just say to me… It’s amazing. And with other musicians, I hope they’re inspired to write freely, and try new things… Because that’s what I want to do!” I think anybody has gone through true heartbreak or just any sort of sadness in their life. The way Brookelyn writes captures every emotion and meaning, it truly grabs me as a listener. 
      Rose gravitated towards a music career, because “it made me feel good when I was young. (When) you’re making something and you see other people the reaction on other people’s faces when you’re able to sing and make music. And that’s really what inspired me to go further with it.” Her songs are inspired by, “life experiences…… But now I’m really sitting down with myself and devoting time, like real time.” She is really taking the time to write personal things that have meaning to her life and future. But on the timeline, and edited to “what works”. There is a lot of Adele influence, “(When) I think (of ) her as an artist, she is phenomenal. Her vocal range and the amount of emotion she puts into her songs is inspiring. And her writing style is similar to mine.”
     I was really taken away at how casually Brookelyn talked to me, it was like a friend-to-friend-hour-and-20-minute-long talk… We talked about all our favorite things like psychology, our fans, our friends and family, and I even admitted that I was nervous to talk to a girl that was in my age range for dating (if that range is still acceptable within +/-3 years) and totally out of my league…… I probably should not have said that to her, but the truth is I was nervous!       She tells me that she has a lot of people in Mexico City that follow her, and “that’s awesome”. Also younger listeners, everyone from 15-20 years old. Especially after her “Does She Know” release, which was well received. She wants to grow with her music, play more live shows, and have more fans. In 5 year she sees herself touring mainly USA and Mexico, and continuing to make music. 
         Promises came out not too long after the interview (came out on 9/15th), and it was done as a song and video on Youtube. “It morphs together my two passions of music and acting. And that’s what I want to keep doing too. I got an amazing team of people around me, like my closest friends…… I worked with Kira(?) music group in (Los Angeles) and my producer was West Kause who’s from Chicago, and he’s just… AMAZING… And he took my song and we were able to create this funky more like upbeat sound, to the lyrics that hit a little harder. So you get that pain of not being in a (romantic) relationship, and with this kind of fun vibe to it also.” There are more to come with Brookelyn, but she didn’t tell what is to come after Promises comes out. 

          There’s something about Brookelyn’s voice that bothers me sometimes, it’s so strong and powerful that it almost makes her sound angry. I understand that Answer My Call isn’t a breakup or anger driven song, but she just sounds a little frustrated to me. I really don’t know why I think this, and I apologize if this opinion pisses people off. But I honestly think that she sounds angry or agitated in all her songs, especially Answer My Call. Nonetheless, I enjoy listening to her music. However, Promises is still my favorite song of hers.
         Answer My call is the first song that Rose released in 2018 and has been only on Spotify since April 26th. The song seems to be about a broken relationship that Brookelyn wishes to improve on, “Tough times were made to mend, Tough times were made to mend.” The video backs up the broken part of the relationship and even shows a fight between her and the boy, as well as a falling out with her storming off on him. But apparently, in the end, their feelings for one another haven’t changed and they end up seeing each other again. When she approaches him, they hug, smile, and everything goes back to the way it was.
       The only problem with the song I have is that compared to the song, the video is rather predictable. Despite that, it’s an okay song compared to Promises. I find I like her songs the more I listen to them, and you could definitely say they “grow” on me. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the same for much of her fans. Finally, I would like to thank Brookelyn for sending me the press releases (I love getting them!!!) and being so friendly as always!
       Brookelyn Rose has recently released a “power ballad” called Broken Doll on Spotify back in late October. The song is about a doll that Brookelyn has a deep connection with, and when the doll breaks she has a tough time moving on from letting it go. It’s something that everyone who ever had/has a deep connection with either a toy, pet, robot, or whatever it is, we all have to move on from it at one point in our life. It made me reflect what is the one thing that I had a tough time moving on from in my life. To be honest… For me, it was a stuffed animal… When I was way younger than I am now, I was out with my parents at a town carnival. My Dad saw a game booth and we walked up to it, and there it was… It was a blue and white stuffed shark, and I REALLY wanted it. So my Dad played the game and tried to win the shark for me… However, as many times he tried, he just couldn’t seem to win… But the staff member working the booth saw how much I wanted the shark and ended up giving it to me. I treasured that shark, in which I called “Sharky”, throughout my childhood… But I grew up and was too old to have it… Well, that’s what my parents thought but I never thought that was true…
         What Brookelyn is really good at depicting in her songs like Answer My Call is the power of loyalty, and in Broken Doll, she’s talking about a person’s loyalty to something that has been with them for a long time. There’s not a lot of songs with this in mind, but there should be… Because the power of love between two people is one thing, but the power of love between a person and their past is another.
        Broken Doll was released on October 26th, 2018; on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Although her reception on all streams is pretty low at the moment, her presence on Instagram and Facebook is better. Her post announcing Broken Doll’s release on Facebook has over 100 reactions, and her post before that almost has reached 200 reactions (until now!). 
          I would like to thank Brookelyn for her continued communication, and encourage her to continue to put out unique and great quality music! I will keep everyone updated who is interested in Brookelyn’s music, and please give her a listen on all her streams! 

Broken Doll (2018)
Brookelyn Rose

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Broken Doll: ★★★★3/4
Answer My Call: ★★★★1/4
Promises: ★★★★★
Does She Know: ★★★★1/2
Top Song: Promises (2017)


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