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        “I really started producing music 4 years ago. So, my influences (were) young. The first (person) who gave me the motivation to start music is KSHMR. I love his style, and the stories in his songs. I love him because he always tries to surprise (people) with a new style, a new story, (or) new instruments… I wanted to do that too! Today, I’ve got some other influences; I love San Holo, and Illenium. He has a sort of power with his songs, he transmits a lot of emotions. (As if you) are travelling with each of his song and I want to create the same feeling now.” 25 year old French producer Matt Rysen has quite an unique talent, where all his influences seem to fit into all his songs/remixes he makes. 

         “I have always listened (to) music with my parents, alone, (on) my MP3 player, etc… I like many (musical) styles, and I like many (musical) instruments. My sensibility about music grew with me, and I learned to identify instruments in music, what type of instrument I prefer, etc… And one day I thought ‘oh, I wouldn’t have done this…’. These words were a revelation, I started to (ask) myself the same question: How do they do that? What is this sound? And finally, the ultimate question was (there): what if I tried to create my own music? (So) I started to learn!” Many DJ’s started off being curious, like Matt was. This is what makes his music so original and different in his own way. And so now he’s got people all over the world listening to his tracks, including a song that has hit over 16 thousand listens on SoundCloud (“Summer Light”).
          Hid remixes are also amazing, like “Hunter” (Galantis Remix) and “Tides” (Veronika Jokel Remix) which brings a whole new sound to the original versions and more excitement to them. “All of them were done because I felt something. For example, my last song is a remix of the Veronika Jokel’s song “Tides”, and I loved her (vocals)! I felt a soft emotion, something like shyness, and I wanted to work on it and put her vocal in front of the scene with a lot of power!” My favorite song of Matt’s amazing collection would have to be “Get Wild”, because it has this awesome hype to it that excites the senses and makes you feel more alive then another song made by him….. And that’s hard to do. Matt’s favorite song is “‘Phoenix’, because (the) song was made in a difficult period of my life, and the title “Phoenix” (resembles) me when (I) made it.”
            “My fan base is principally others producers, especially beginners, because I make some EDM tutorials on YouTube. If they’re not producers, (then) they are (simply) people with the same music sensibility and who like my stories!” He has also connected with a singer named Roxanna, “she has become my friend now and we still working on some project today.”

       In 5 years, Rysen doesn’t really know where he’ll be, but he hopes he will have a “biiiiig YouTube Channel! Like Trap Nation or NCS maybe?” He is currently working hard to reach a big fan base successfully. “It’s just a dream for now, (but) we have to believe in our (dreams while) keeping our feet on the ground too.” Right now, his music is “just a hobby” and he’s trying to “tell (his) stories through (his music)” to all that will listen. He is planning on releasing new tracks (as of 9/22/17), “in a few days I hope! We are on something very big with Roxana, and I think a lot of people will like it. We just released ‘These Scares’ with Million Prods and Roxana on Frequency, I hope another big channel for this release!”

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Tides (Remix): ★★★★1/2
Pheonix: ★★★★★
Mind for Future: ★★★★1/2
Hunter (Remix): ★★★★★
Get Wild (Spotify/SoundCloud): ★★★★★
The Power of KSHMR: ★★★★★
Poisonous: ★★★★★
Last Night Changed It All: ★★★★1/2
Wildcard (Remake): ★★★★☆
Synesia: ★★★★★
Wake Me Up: ★★★★1/2
Summer Light: ★★★★★
Dream Memory: ★★★★1/2
Funky Girl (Instrumental): ★★★★☆

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