MoonDreams Music [unedited]


Interview & Review

        At this moment, I’m in a happy place and getting entranced with MoonDreams songs on Spotify, it’s like some sort of country lullaby. “I’ve loved music as long as I could remember and really loved starting to sing at 6 years old.  I started writing lyrics at 11 years old when there was an ice storm and I wrote a poem about icicles on the trees.  Later on, in my late teens, I started putting music to my lyrics and started playing in bands in my early twenties, (believe it or not I used to sing Led Zeppelin and Aretha Franklin songs with rock bands.) I was inspired by many eclectic female singer/songwriters such as Joni Mitchell.” (Prior to giving birth to her daughter, Susan was pop/rock music.) Susan Moss seems to be a great human being, a lot like one of my favorite people I’ve talked to recently (Nate Mainegard). These musicians are another part of the reason I respect soft rock and soft country…. Because of its pure innocence.
        “My fan base consists of all ages.  My first music release was a lullaby CD, so those fans were babies and their parents!  But even people who didn’t have babies have bought the lullabies because they aren’t typical lullabies – they have a new age quality to them.  I have just released a soft rock song called, Diamond Dreams, and I’ve gotten nice feedback from all ages.” Diamond Dreams has currently pass 5K listens on Spotify (congratulations Susan Moss!) and continues to do well on Jon Magnusson’s #MonsterThread Spotify playlist. That is a growing community of all music, and her and I are very grateful to be a part of it. Susan says, “I have to (thank) Jon Magnusson. (Whose Facebook) group, #MonsterThread Playlist, has brought together so many great musicians of all genres. (And) we all support each other!” For her record label (MoonDreams Music Recording Label), “I’ve made connections with music distributors, music licensing companies, bloggers, radio, social media and more recently, Facebook music groups have been a great resource for promoting my music, especially on Spotify.”
       “My lullabies were inspired by the birth of my daughter and won parents choice and other awards.” Moss says about her lullaby’s recent success and reception.
      “Originally my genre was lullabies, music for babies. But now I’m focusing more on soft classic rock sound, pop, and different styles for the future.” Maybe the break through of listeners have been attracted to this genre exploring. Her imagination is certainly full of unique ideas (including her song writing), “all kinds of things influence my songs.  Relationships, observing people around me. (When I was) sitting on the beach I used to sing into a mini tape recorder or call my answering machine when a song would pop into my head – now I sing into my phone.”
        Susan says, “I’m inspired by a lot of artists, but as far as bands and artist inspirations go, Kansas, Heart, Joni Mitchell, and many others.” These inspirations definitely fit in well with her goals, “my goals are to experiment with different genres.  I don’t want to stick to just one style of music, there are so many different styles to experiment with.” 
        In 5 years, Susan sees herself producing music and “building the MoonDreams brand.” Her current future plans are to “(work) with some older, dated songs and (make) them more current sounding in the studio. I also have a whole bunch of new songs. Recording is a very long process, so not sure yet when they will be released, but will do my best to put them out there as soon as I can!” She is hoping to come out with her new material sometime in 2018.
         Although MoonDreams isn’t the type of music I would typically blog about or listen to on my Unedited Music Blog playlist on Spotify, but it’s nice to have some diversity in the blog with different sounding rock songs. I will continue to add to the diversity of the blog in the following 2 months. 

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Diamond Dreams: ★★★★1/2
Night Song: ★★★★☆


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