Bajton [unedited]


Interview & Review
     Right now as I speak Jaguar by Bajton currently has over 76k listens on Spotify, although they don’t like how people don’t know that there is actually more than one person who is making the music, they are very proud of the reception of the song and hope their luck continues with future songs. Why a Jaguar you ask?….  “We really liked the jaguar’s scream,” Janik says. 

        Janik says he was inspired by “handsome(?)” music, the kind of music Alan Walker made before he became popular. and he wanted to play around with music in 2009 when he was at least 10 years old. I was also talking to Daniel Larsen, who helps with making the tracks including Bajton’s most popular song “Jaguar”. Bajton is made up of three guys. Janik also says, “nowadays I really love to listen to Marvin Bonds, and other artists like SCNDL and West Spocks and they really influence my music. I try to hear lots of elements which they (are) using, and I try to, not copy them, but have a feeling of their sound.”

          “I think there are two bases. One is more the people we know, like the private fanbase, like the people surrounding us. But it’s not really that big, and honestly, my people don’t like it that much, because they don’t really listen to Marvin Bonds…. They’re used to listening to rap. There’s another fan base, like the people we got from Bounce & Bass (a YouTube channel)… I think there are some new fans we got from (there).” Bajton has worked with a popular artist in Australia called Tunesquad. 
          Daniel says about DJing and producing electronic music,  “I don’t think it’s a musical talent…. But it definitely is a lot harder than it looks” Janik says, “I think producing music is actually harder I guess. To be a DJ can be really hard if you have a crowd that expects a lot. But in my local town, there is a club… a little club… and people don’t expect much. They expect the music they usually listen to in daily life.” In other words, for them it’s not that hard to be a DJ right now. But once they get into festivals, then it will be harder.
          Although they are pretty shy, they are confident enough to get into a big show or something big. In the next 5 years, they will try to get more reception and attention on Spotify. Their plans for the future is, “to explore other genres, and spend more time on the tracks.” They also got a singer from Denmark they’re doing a song with, and they have the background done but don’t have the vocals on yet. So the release will come out soon.

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Forest: ★★★★1/2
Jaguar: ★★★★★


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