Sally Caitlin [unedited]

Sally Caitlin 

Interview & Review

       With songs like Deja Vu and Take It All, I have this small expectation that Sally Caitlin is hinting at experimenting mainly with EDM. “I’d say I’m electronic pop music with a bit of an edge and a lot of honesty.” However, she also has songs like Poison and You Are My Weakness. “I am planning to stay within pop music but as I continue to make music, my songs are becoming darker and more mature.  I think the future for me is more of an alt-pop kind of vibe, somewhere between Banks, Kiiara, and Selena Gomez.” The experimental mix of music could be called something like “emo-EDM-electronic-pop” (aka 3EP….. I totally just made that up). Either way, I really like where Caitlin is going with her music!

          “I’ve always been really into singing but I used to have terrible stage fright!  I started writing songs when I was around 15 years old and gradually the writing helped me get over my stage fright and led me to want to share my voice and my songs with the world.  Now I write for sanity really as it helps me process my emotions and not obsess over things!” Hell, I’m afraid of the stage, I should relate, then again anyone would if they were told to go up on a stage and sing. For artists, it seems like lyrics are their form of self-expression. “I use my own experiences and relationships as inspiration, which makes most of my songs very personal!” Let me repeat…. emo-pop is one of her genres… “Anything or anyone in my life is a potential subject for a song.  In terms of production style, I’m influenced by whatever I’m listening to at the time as I like to draw from many different genres.” Oh, by the way, her and I are the same age (23)!
          She says she loves her fan base, “they are lovely and many leave really supportive comments!  I love speaking to people who come to my gigs to as you get a feel for why they identify with your music and what it is they like about you as an artist.” She is grateful for every one of her fans, and is humbled that people “take the time to listen to me sing!”

         Sally said, “I like how music can really touch people and I would love for someone to be sitting at home listening to my songs and feeling like they could really relate to them.” 

         In her songs, she comments that her lyrics are written personally and to tell a story, “but my EP ‘Experiments’ and my upcoming album both have narratives running between the songs.  Experiments is a concept EP that tells the story of a toxic relationship when the tracks are listened to in order.”  

           In five years, she hopes to be sharing her songs with more people and playing at bigger shows and festivals. “I aim to have performed in the USA and done a European tour by that point.” She is currently studying music production at a music college in the UK, and her goal is to produce her own music as well as writing and singing her own music. She is also “trying to expand my fan base and book more gigs all over the UK.” She has a collaboration coming out “before the end of 2017” which is exciting. Her first-produced track “Alive” will be released next year. “After that, I will be promoting the follow-up release to Experiments, my album ‘Chemistry’.  So lots more music coming up soon!”

Overview: ★★★★1/2
Experiments: ★★★★1/2
Lead Me Down:★★★★☆
Take It All: ★★★★★
Not Stupid Anymore (Deluxe): ★★★★☆
Falling Back Together: ★★★★★
Stuck in Limbo: ★★★★1/2


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