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Interview & Review

         “When you are performing, you’re a character. I’m sure Sia is a character, Daft Punk are characters… It’s not you, you’re escaping from reality.” From what I can tell from the concert videos Darren, Clare, and Hugo Bamboo are quite characters during the show. It’s no wonder why Leg Puppy has 40k monthly listeners on Spotify, and a bit of a cult following in the UK. With great songs like Black Light 15 and Love Sold (one of my favorite songs), the group really make you want to go to one of their shows. However, they claim to be directed towards a certain group of fans, but in my opinion, if you have a good sense of humor (especially dark humor) then the political satire and sarcasm will definitely appeal to you if you like dark house. Especially if you like underground electronic music. “I rather have a hundred fans, then a thousand nesh fans who just like our music,” Darren tells me.

         “I’m inspired by everything.” The band finds inspiration from bands such as The Prodigy and The Residents. Darren as a front man is a passionate performer and has a very dark sense of humor that makes you question humans sometimes. For instance, when I asked him what people would think
of the clown, if they came to America he said: “Bring it on, I would love to find out.”
         “We actually formed the band 15 years ago at a party. Everyone was like ‘oh yeah, I’m in a band, you know yeah, we are called The Droplets, The Poops’. So when asked ‘how about you two?’ I said Leg and out popped Puppy from Claire, that’s basically how the name was born.”
            At their live shows, they have crazy props and a clown that goes around basically creeping people out. “I want people to come to our shows and leave saying ‘what the (—-) was that?'” The shows are quite uniquely different; they often have people coming up to them after a show saying “that was the best and weirdest thing I have ever seen”. “I always say that every gig you do, you usually gain 2 or 3 new fans. It’s a slow build, but you know, as a freelance designer, I’m lucky enough to have time to spend promoting the band.”
       “It’s all about the performance. We are all about the live (shows)… It’s all about the attitude. I watch a lot of shows and I’m not a fan of when bands just stand there, play a song and then say ‘thank you’. So with our shows, it’s about energy and attitude. It’s very in-your-face, and there’s a lot of energy.” And to promote the band outside of playing, “I’m out promoting with the clown mask… I’m doing weird things to get people to know about us.”
        The obnoxious clown masks and lampshades are all part of Darren’s’ way of taking the piss out of society. “I wanted something kind original and distinctive, so I searched online for a clown mask. I found one from Australia; it’s discontinued now, which is brilliant! I got my friend to play the clown, he’s a brilliant method actor, he really knows how to work that mask. And it’s (now) kind of our identity. Like when you see that mask, you know it’s us.”
       Their newest song (Selfie Stick Narcissistic Prick) is about how he believes society is self-obsessed and narcissistic. The lampshade face to Darren was “(him) just trying to piss off people who have taken nonstop selfies…. It’s basically satire.”
         “Right now, Leg Puppy is just a hobby”. Although it is seemingly and obviously becoming something more than that. “We have an album coming out in December; we are just mixing the last few tracks. The album is called ‘You Should Be Paranoid’, which is self-explanatory. We’ve also just recorded Meds & Beer, which is a bit of a crowd pleaser, it’s unbelievably catchy, with more hooks than the queen’s coat stand” 
Overview:  ★★★★1/2
Selfie Stick (Narcissistic Prick): ★★★★☆
Black Soul: ★★★★1/2
Utopia: ★★★★☆
#Feelthewoof: ★★★★1/2


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