Kohilo [unedited]

Interview & Review
        Christian tells me, “‘Waiting For You’, which was the first single, I was working a lot on the text and the lyrics. And that was really meaningful to me, it’s a special time in life turning thirty, everything in place, work and all the material stuff, but you kind of miss someone to share the things with. It was all about ‘Waiting For You’. And the same summer I met my girlfriend, and we sailed together. So yeah, everything went really well with ‘Waiting For You’. I don’t have to wait for her anymore.” 
      Christian and Daniel created Kohilo through simple talk. “I just said to Daniel, ‘Take me into the studio and let’s do some new music. I have these great ideas and you should have me on board.’ Suddenly he called, and we made a track for just for fun for my part. He’s a professional. But soon he got some jobs to make a remix of Christina Skaar’s new track. And he asked me if we could use what we made in the studio, and bam, that was the starting point and also my starting interest in the music making.”
         “Often the songs we make is a collab between, like, Daniel in one studio, Tommy in another, and the singers coming into one studio, and me sitting at the office and getting demo tracks and different verses and commenting on it. That’s how it usually works.” 
          Christian says that his part in making the tracks are “boring” part of it all. “When we collab for example, Tommy sends the track which he has me working on and then I’ll listen to it, and I’ll write him back and give him feedback. Like, ‘More of this, more of that, can we put in something like this?’. That’s how we work. And sometimes I’m also in the studio where we start making the tracks from the beginning.”
           This is how tr he collaboration works to make the songs, “how we do it is that, for example, with Kristian, he comes into the studio–for example we can talk about “In Time”– then we have this track, just the sound and music, and we’re working Tommy, Kristan and myself in the studio, in Tommy’s studio where we physically met, and we sat down, listen, write, and Kristian went in to sing and we tried out different stuff and, yeah, finally we had the takes. That’s how we work on all that we do. A singer comes into Tommy’s studio and then we start the recording and everything.”
            The group is currently working on releasing a track sometime in January 2018. But right now isn’t looking into any record deals, and is waiting for their time to come as far as festivals and big concerts. 
      As for my favorite Kohilo song, it would have to be “Make My Day”. I really feel like that song encaptures the bands sound out of all their other songs. 
Overview: ★★★★1/2
Make My Day: ★★★★★
Breathe: ★★★★☆
In Time: ★★★★★
Dream On: ★★★★☆
Waiting For You: ★★★★★


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