Miles Prower [unedited]

Miles Prower

Interview & Review

            I will be honest, I didn’t take Miles seriously when I saw “DJ Mustard Stain” as his DJ name……. I thought it was a joke at first. “When I was just starting out, I used to make songs with no words, no tags, and I got mediocre results. I started adding DJ Mustard Stain (at) the beginning and end of some songs as almost a tribute to old-school DJs. Soon after, when people would hear the DJ Mustard Stain call in the beginning, they knew they were in for a good time. I also made a lot of my songs ‘mustard based’ as my niche as an artist, but it’s grown wary and overdone at this point, so I dropped it entirely.” Then I heard songs like “Bad Apple” and “Smithy”, and I was like “hey, this guy isn’t that bad after all!”
             Miles tells me that he has always loved music, “growing up I’ve also always loved technology. It wasn’t until recently that I heard music the genre Dubstep, with artists such as Skrillex, and Datsik. I knew that I had to try my best to sound like them, but also put my own spin on my sound.” He also says that his inspirations are quite random at times, and sometimes he doesn’t even know where they come from. “I could just be sitting on the couch at home, and a song idea, or melody could pop into my head. I have to act fast when that happens though. It’s usually gone as quick as it comes.” When it comes to his fan base, it is mixed with EDM fans and dedicated fans who like anything Prower comes out with.
           Miles calls his type of genres on the lines of “dance, light dubstep, and hard styles. Those genres are more apparent (on) my latest album, versus my older works. Those I would consider more comedy driven.”
            Miles has submitted some of his work to local clubs, and his songs were in the rotation for a little while. However, “I haven’t submitted any since my newest album though.” It does help when people give him pointers from fans and other artists when making his songs, but it’s mostly all of his creation.
              Some of my favorite songs by Miles Prower are rather new, off of the tracks from an unofficial album called “Blastmania”. My favorite song definitely has to be “Bad Apple” because it has so much goodness going on in it… It’s an earful, but it actually sounds good. Other tracks I find a liking to is “Smithy”, “Disturbance”, and the self-titled track “Blastmania”. 
              “In five years, I hope that in the least I’ve made a lasting impact on the music scene, and at least showed someone out there that you can start from anywhere, and as long as you can dream, you can achieve.” His future plans are to make his music popularity grow and make a couple collaborations with other artists. His next releases “I’m hoping (to come) in the next couple month. I have a progressive type trance style album I’d like to release. I’ve never dived too much into trance, but I’ve always been a huge fan of it.”
Overview: ★★★★☆
Blastmania: ★★★★☆
Anx Sciety the Contrac: ★★★★☆

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