Tomorrowland (2016)
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Interview & Review

         During their Tomorrowland days (2014-2016), Dany and Francesco seemed to have a thing with bagpipes (just listen to Escocia [2014] and Loknez [2016]). “We really like folk instruments and they inspire us a lot, as you can hear in our track GIPSY with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike or Escocia,” they tell me. Despite their admiration of these instruments that (in my opinion) make them stand out in the crowd, they have seemed shifted in a newer sound with Dangle (2017) and Slowdive (2018).
        Dany Spada (from Roma, Italy) and Francesco Chinelli (from Bari, Italy) are the fantastic DJ’s for Boostedkids (not to be mistaken with Booztkidz). They joined forces with their combined passion for music because they “fell in love” big artists sounds such as Dimtri Vegas & Like Mike and Gigi D’Agostino.
     It probably wasn’t only songs like Strasburg and Burned that caught the attention of Universal Music, Smash The House, Spinnin’ Records, and Tomorrowland Music Festival; it’s also their insane remixes with/for diMaro, Wolfpack, Dimtri Vegas & Like Mike, and many more. I Am (Dimtri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Wolfpack & Boostedkids Remix) by Sick Individuals x Axwell (ftr. Taylor Renee) is a monumental track from 2013 that definitely stands out from the tracks of that time period. It is evident that these guys wanted to do big things right out of the gate.
       From 2013-2016, the boys seemed to come out with a lot of club music, EDM, dubstep, and electronic tracks that after a while sounds quite the same but also fun to listen to. Some highlights of these tracks include Strasburg (2013), Burned (2013), Evil Circus (2014), Get Ready! (Blasterjaxx Edit) (2016), and Loknez (2016). These tracks have a lot more going on sound levels and aroma wise than some of their rather simpler tracks like Love Keys (2015) and Euterpe (2013).
       Now they’re taking a different path in 2017-present (with exception to Master Of The Drop (2018)) by collaborating more with vocalists like Peter Forest and Deborah Lee. At first, I had to get used to Dangle (ftr. Deborah Lee and Chris Tyrone), the lyrics were kind of straight-up and obviously dancing themed… Almost a little too obvious. But after 3 or 4 times listening to the track (and abandoning the track for a good month), I guess you could say I kind of really dug it. The Dangle remixes were okay, but I just didn’t really see the point of having two very similar “Dub” mixes/remixes for the last two versions on the remix single album. Slowdive, which literally just came out two days ago, is kind of tropical house track that sounds like Confessions by MXK (review for MXK coming further down the road) from afar.
         Coincidently from playing at many festivals that attract teens and young adults, Dany and Francesco tell me they have more of fanbase full of those ages. “We try to keep (in) contact with them via our socials,” they say as if it’s really easy to do that with over 50k Facebook likes.
         They aspire to play in the States still and should be soon (or at least that’s what I hope to be the case). Their last future track to be released before the end of the summer will continue on not being EDM, “we felt like doing something different and we did so!”.
       Overall, I feel very blessed to stay in touch with Dany (and sometimes Francesco). I’m very impressed with their change of pace, and I actually think it brings a maturer side out of them.

Edited by Soapbox Editors (6/21/2018)

Loknez (12/23/2016)
Boostedkids- Spotify
Overview: ★★★★1/6
Slowdive: ★★★★★
Master of the Drop (Original Mix): ★★★★1/2
Dangle (Remixes): ★★★★1/2
Dangle: ★★★★★
Loknez: ★★★★★
Cage (Original Mix): ★★★★1/2
Get Ready! (Blasterjaxx Edit): ★★★★★
Love Keys: ★★★★☆
Switch On: ★★★★1/4
Evil Circus: ★★★★★
Escocia: ★★★★1/2
Burned: ★★★★1/4
Bamn!: ★★★★1/2
Euterpe: ★★★★☆
Strasbourg: ★★★★★

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