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The Ego Ritual
The Ego Ritual
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What inspired you to start making music?

Jim: I guess it was a natural progression from listening to it. I remember listening to my parent’s record collection and realizing very early on that I had to be involved with music in some way, on some level. It wasn’t really a choice.

What influences your songs?
Jim: I try to keep them open to interpretation. I’ve always said, it’s far more important what the listener thinks than what the writer had in mind.

What is your fanbase like?

Jim: It’s a little too early to know. I would hope that followers of my previous bands (The Popdogs, B-Leaguers) might check out The Ego Ritual. I don’t think the new music is so far removed that they wouldn’t find something of interest in our sound. We’ll see.

What made you want to go with a song like Chakra Maraca?
Jim: The song kind of chose itself. It just came together in the studio. We wanted our first single to make a statement, and it certainly does that. It gives a taste of what we’re all about, the sounds and influences you can expect from the band. And we avoid labeling ourselves. We don’t want to limit or create boundaries, the music goes where it goes. It’s taking the band on a journey, as well as the listener.

What is the single’s message?
Jim: Again, I always leave things open for the listener to decide. If there is a message, it’s ‘listen with an open mind’. Take from it what you want.

What is your favorite song you’ve been working on?
Jim: It’s always hard to pick a favorite, quite often the song you’re currently working on is your favorite. It changes. We’re very happy with how they’re all sounding.

What kind of direction do you want to go with your music?
Jim: We never work to a blueprint. The music dictates to us where it will go. There are no rules. ‘Chakra Maraca’ is nearly five minutes long. That’s way longer than an average single, but we went with it. I don’t think you can underestimate your audience.

What are your plans for the future?
Jim: We don’t plan too far ahead, you can set yourself up for a fall. We’ll continue to write and record, there are plans for a full-length album at some point, and we’ll be looking to play some live shows.

When are you planning to release the future tracks?
Jim: ‘Chakra Maraca’ is taken from our forthcoming, self-titled EP on the Kool Kat Musik label. You can keep up to date on The Ego Ritual facebook page.
Chakra Maraca
The Ego Ritual
Chakra Maraca: ★★★★☆

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