Mr. Carnivore [unedited]

Mr. Carnivore

Mr. Cranivore
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Interview & Review

          When I was approached by bass/vocal player Joey LaGaurdia from Mr. Carnivore with a track that is still in the making, I quickly realized that they knew what they were doing and where they wanted to take their music. Pat and Joey (brothers) have been playing music for now 10+ years with plenty of encouragement. Pat says “I have a pretty musical family including my brother Joe (who just so happens to be the bass player of this little shindig) and my mother, who I owe for any organic musical genes I may have had from birth. I have 2 uncles (Brian and Bob) that I idolized growing up for their ability to play guitar and sing. They are definitely the first people to put a guitar into my hands.
       Since (I believe) late 2017, Mr. Carnivore was formed. Carnivore’s are made up of Pat LaGuardia (vocals/guitar), his brother Joey (bass/vocals), and their friend and part-time member Kevin Hannah (drums). 
What influences your songs? – John

“Real life and real people most of the time. (I’m excited) about being extremely blunt and honest with lyrics. Saying exactly what I mean without being shrouded and cloaked in cryptic lyrics excites me. I think it’s mostly because it wouldn’t work in everyday life. If I said ‘hey I think that shirt makes you look fat. Have you gained weight?’ to a friend I would most likely get slapped and lose a friend… but if I said it in a song I would probably get a few laughs. It feels freeing to oppose the extreme political correctness of everyday life in America right now.” – Pat LaGuardia
      Knees was released February 12th of this year and is an acoustic rock song with very bittersweet vocal tones and lyrics. Written by former member Mike Pappas, Knees is a “the complications of love in modern days but is portrayed with a nostalgic earthy tone” the band says. 
        Shortly after the release, “8 publications have posted already and we have at least five more in the works….. We already getting spins on 5 radios stations and at least a dozen more in the works;, Vents Magazine, Hold the Note Magazine, Kick Kick Snare, NEO Magazine, (and) Atwood Magazine.” Additionally, they also appeared Ear To The Ground playlist,, and Musolist Magazine all in March. They also on air on radio stations in Pennsylvania (Kutztown University [KUR] and Wikes University [WCLH]) and New Mexico (New Mexico State University [KRUX]). 
    However, in my opinion, the best is yet to come. Mr. Carnivore is currently working on one of the most intricate and interesting tracks I have ever had the chance to listen to, and the album will be released in 3 months. The track is called Hot Air Balloon, and the album is Blue Light. Pat says “in a general sense, it’s about being okay and comfortable with a perceived major change. Like cutting all that beautiful hair off of my head. It could be perceived as a big deal or change but it really in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter to anyone.” Further information about the album will be released when I am allowed to do so. To say the least I am very excited about this album being released! 
        It is an absolute pleasure to have been reached out to, and I really am excited about Mr. Carnivore’s future. Again, within the next 3 months look out for their new album. Either way, keep tabs on this post for future tracks!

Knees by Mr. Carnivore (2018)
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Overall: ★★★★1/4
Knees: ★★★★1/4


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