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Elena Ramona
Elena Ramona
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         At the moment, Elena Ramona’s music is very much of a dramatic hit or miss for me. I struggle to listen to songs like Rise for more than at least 30 seconds simply because it sounds like an extremely sincere audible “Thank You” letter. However, I respectfully understand why other people find inspiration and motivation through these kinds of songs on a daily basis. If songs like Hold On and Rise do that for you, then go ahead and listen to it because that is honestly really great! But for me, those songs are kind of a turn-off. HOWEVER!, Ramona’s other EDM-like songs such as The Neon Lights (2017) and most recent release Electric Love is more of what impresses me. Addiction (the first song on the Hold On album) definitely seemed like a step in a good direction for Elena’s electro-pop path. A slightly more in-depth examination of her songs and her view of her music is written out as usual ⇓below⇓.
           Following her graduation from Academy of Contemporary Music at Guildford, Surrey (Greece) in 2013; Elena (and with help from composer Martyn Corbet) began her musical journey. “I have been making music and writing songs from a young age, and have always enjoyed doing this. I feel inspired and encouraged by other musicians to keep making music” Elena tells me. The following year, Hold On came out as her debut album in  2014. She slowly gained and is still gaining radio airplay across the UK (where she is currently releasing her music and living) through BBC and beyond(?). She also got into festivals like London Pride 2014 and Always The Sun Festival in 2016, and most recently performed at Lowde Festival on Saturday (July 7th).
          Elena’s voice is certainly powerful, and she can definitely make an impression on listeners. But Elena’s music is much more than just that, it’s the way she uses her voice like she does in Neon Lights. That’s what grabbed me when I first listened to her music, and that’s also where I found her potential. I asked if she wrote her music for herself or other people, and she said: “at the moment both which is great”. And that is another reason why I like her! 
       Seeing that I already vaguely and comfortably summed up my favorite songs by Elena (The Neon Lights (2017) and Electronic Love (2018)), I will go over the few other songs that stand out to me in chronological order. Like I said, Addiction from the 2014 album (Hold On) is the first song I liked by her, and interestingly it wasn’t until 4 years later that Elena released her second production. That song she came out with is called The Neon Lights (2017), and it is an absolute gem in my book. Her voice was perfectly mixed into the instrumentals, yet was not too quiet at the same time. She also released Eyes on You that same year which kept the ball rolling. 
       I do have to compliment Elena’s mature sound, the Academic degree definitely shines through. Songs like Eyes on You and The Neon Lights doesn’t sound like tracks that an amateur or first-time musician would come out with. Well done Elena Ramona!
      The following and current year, Elena released a less than impressive track called Music Making Machine. In order to keep the positive vibes coming, I will not publicly write about my thoughts on this song. Finally, she came out with yet another mature sounding electro-pop track called Electric Love. I can’t exactly say who her voice reminds me of, but if someone thinks of it please let me know because it’s annoying me!
       Elena reiterates what I hoped for her in the future by telling me she is “currently going down the Electro Pop route which is working out well for me, I enjoy using modern sounds and keeping up to date with what is in fashion.”
Since I got responses to my interview questions before Electric Love was released, I don’t really actually know what Elena is planning to release or what she has planned for her near future. 5 years from now she (and I as well) hope that she is “gigging lots and hopefully on tour with someone awesome.” As far as I know, a lot of the newer material will be stuff that was in the works way ahead of time.
I would like to thank Elena for reaching out to, and it is a pleasure to be apart of this seemingly high potential with her and her growing fan base! Hope to meet you in Boston in the future!!
The Neon Lights (2017)
Facebook- Elena Ramona Photos (band)
Overview: ★★★★1/2
Electric Love: ★★★★1/4
Music Making Machine: ★★★☆☆
Eyes on You: ★★★★★
The Neon Lights: ★★★★★
Hold On★★★★☆

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