Austin Hull [unedited]

Austin Hull
Austin Hull
Interview & Review
What inspired you to start making music?

“I have been involved with music since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are playing drums with my dad, singing along a to a jukebox, and watching band practices. I started playing guitar at 9 and taught myself, at 14 I learned how to play piano, and at 16 I started singing in a metal band. I started producing when I was 18 because my band was looking for a practical way to record demos for our new material. I was awful at first, but I learned quickly and fell in love with the process. Flash forward to now and I still do all of those things and try to learn more musically every day…..

For me, making music has never been a thought. It’s just what I do. It’s who I am.”

What influences your songs?

“Honestly, anything can influence me to write a song. I have written about all of the normal stuff, like my anxiety, my relationships, my struggles, my triumphs, etc. However, I’ve also written about countless fictional stories that I make up in my head based off of something I see while I’m in the car, or watching a movie, or literally anything. Inspiration strikes so randomly so I just do my best to embrace it and use it when it comes.”

What is your fan base like?

“I don’t know if I necessarily have a “fanbase”. I have a community around me that consists of everyone from 14-year-old boys who make music on a computer up to 60-year-old ladies who have been songwriters on major hits……

I try my best to get to know everyone, network the best that I can, and just forge good relationships with everyone around me. I don’t know if I have any “fans”, but I have a ton of friends who enjoy my work!”

How much has Making Pop Music Facebook group helped you musically and professionally?

“Make Pop Music was a huge turning point for me. Before the group started, I was just a kid making metal music and making some small change here and there. Getting that community going, getting my connections in the pop world, and getting the opportunity to help other people while also personally benefitting has been my main pillar of success so far. All of my clients, opportunities, connections, and MOST of my friends have come from that one little Facebook group.”

How do you go about making a song?

“When I’m making a song, all I need is one idea. It could be a drum beat, a synth line, a vocal melody, a vibe, a quote, literally anything. I will just hear something in my head, get the urge to lay it down, and then the track builds itself out inside of my head. All I have to do is figure out how to get it from my brain to my DAW.

Every song comes along differently, and they all take their own specific amount of time and attention. But the one thing that stays consistent is they all start with a single idea.”

Do you like remixing or making an original song better? Please explain why.

“I like doing a bit of both. I hate doing the same thing for too long without a break. I love being able to craft a completely new idea and really develop it, but I also love getting to transform something that already exists and make it my own. If I had to only pick one thing to do though, it would definitely be making original music. I have too many ideas in my head to not use them. It would literally drive me nuts if they just sat there all the time and I couldn’t get them out.”

What kind of direction do you want to go with your music?

“Honestly, who knows. The good thing about being a producer is that I get to work with different artists in all different styles, so it really depends on how the market shifts and what people are wanting.

I have always loved doing darker stuff and I love including cinematic elements so I hope that a market opens up for that soon.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I have some plans to launch a couple of audio companies, build the Make Pop Music community, keep working with independent artists, get in touch with some labels and publishing companies to start working on larger projects, and just get better every single day.”

When are you planning to release the future tracks?

“There is no telling. I doubt I will be releasing any original music myself any time soon because I am slammed with clients and artists I am writing and producing for, but I’m sure I will eventually drop something else!”
Dear Me (2016)
Austin Hull
Overall: ★★★★3/4
Savages (Remix): ★★★★3/4
Daddy’s Money: ★★★★★
Gone (Remix): ★★★★★
Gone: ★★★★3/4
The Real Thing (Remix): ★★★★1/4
Dear Me: ★★★★★
Move: ★★★★3/4
Focus: ★★★★★

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