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What inspired you to make music?

We’ve all been relatively focussed on music from a young age, so I think it’s always been in our bones to make music. We just happened by chance when we needed a few friends to help out at one gig and ended up forming Bloxx!

What influences your songs?

I’d say day to day life situations that we go through and albums/artists that we listen to.
Each of our songs have influences from different places for example Taz (guitar) loves Sonic Youth, Tame Impala and even Fleetwood Mac! We take inspiration from small things in our every day lives, and make it Bloxx!

What’s your fan base like?

The fans we have are incredible! We seem to have become very lucky because we have a very supportive fan base! We love them all, it’s incredible the things we have achieved in a year and it’s mostly down to our fans I think!

What is your song Curtains about? 

I (Fee) remember writing Curtains in a rehearsal studio with the boys and thinking that it needed some straight up sassy lyrics, I think the inspiration behind it was just an irritated mood and perhaps a bit of bad blood.

What is your song Coke about?

Coke is the most relative song I think we have released just because it’s a song that reflects on a stage of my life (and perhaps even others) where you have to deal with things that you don’t quite understand and don’t quite agree with. I think that tune is the epitome of needing to keep headstrong. I wrote that song before Bloxx were together so it’s come along way from what it once meant to what it means to us now!

How is your year going?

Our tours before Christmas in 2017 were insane! We were out with Sundara Karma in September and INHEAVEN in October! All of those shows were dreams for us! We had an amazing time! We miss it already.

What festivals/concerts are you planning to go to in 2018?

We hope to play as many as we can, we love a good festival!
In terms of going to them as guests, I’m thinking about Truck Fest again and maybe Reading! Festivals are always fun, a few of us have been to festivals a lot! I really want to see The Cure this year and I have tickets so I’m really excited for that!

Where do you see the band in 5 years?

We would love to be selling out our headline tours, making really kick ass music and having a lot of fun!! I know it’s sort of a communal dream of all of ours to sell out a big London show, because that’s our hometown. Me and Paul wants to headline the Latvian festival Positivus haha!

What are your plans for the future?

Write, Release, Release! We want to put out the music we love most and that’s the goal for now! The near future sees a bit of new music!

When are you planning to release further tracks?

Very soon! We are ready to go on a few bits of music that we can’t wait for people to hear! It’s almost Bloxx.2! We’re looking forward to these tracks being heard!

:Overall: ★★★★3/4
Second Option: ★★★★★
Novocain: ★★★★★
Coke: ★★★★1/2
Curtains: ★★★★★
You: ★★★★★
Your Boyfriend: ★★★★★

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