Sasha M. [unedited]

Sasha M
Sasha M
Taken by The Preset Factory (Ray Visuals) [Instagram]

Interview & Review

          After 3 hours of sleep, I was feeling a little sassy when I was driving to Planet Fitness the other day for my short workout. I was listening to really anything that kept me awake. Then Loaded came on and it actually lifted my spirits for the short amount of time. I was thinking to myself if a cop pulled me over and asked why I had my music on full blast, what should I tell him? I came to a conclusion to say the following….. “I’m sorry officer, I know these guys. They are so nice to me that I felt the need to blast their music for all to hear.” It’s sadly not too often that you find artists like Hasso and Sasha who seem to generally care about your appreciation or opinion of their work which is globally well-received… And as an independent and small music blogger, I really appreciate that.
           Sasha is a model, singer/songwriter, events performer, and actress; but music is her biggest passion. Beginning with singing covers like Counting Stars (OneRepublic) (4/17/2018), Dusk Til Dawn (Zayn ft. Sia) (9/14/2017), and Suicide (James Arthur) (4/17/2018). “But singing other people’s songs is like telling other people’s stories. I wanted to be able to tell my own stories, in my own way; stories by a girl who lives in this part of the world and has this particular life and these dreams and aspirations” Sasha tells me. So she went to the studio sometime in 2017 and began writing. Sasha wanted to write something “influenced by my personal life, relationships I’ve had/have, thoughts that occur in my head, and the feelings I love”. Then on April 13, 2018, Sasha released her first original song with talented DJ and music producer Hasso called Loaded. While Hasso had already seen a lot of success with his own material on Spotify prior (over 7k monthly listeners and all his songs have reached over 50k listens as of today)… This was Sasha’s first original song and breakthrough success on Spotify. Loaded went so far as to make the Germany Viral 50 on Spotify (going as far up the chart as #2!) about a month after it was released in April.
For all you song meaning nerds like me, I asked Sasha what the breakthrough song was to her. She told me “Loaded is a snapshot of (a heated argument between two people who are very close). I wanted to capture the dynamics between these two people, the intricacies of their interactions, and the overall rawness of emotion that is often felt in such moments. I hope that everyone who has had a serious fight with someone dear to them would be able to connect with this song in some way.”
So what do I think of the song? I honestly am not surprised this song went on a Spotify chart, Hasso did a phenomenal job with the sound and production. Sasha agrees with me by saying, “I really like the production. Hasso, the producer, took my vocal and sampled it to make the sounds you hear in the drop. I think that’s pretty neat!” My only criticism for Sasha is to a little work on her voice with a vocal coach. I believe if she improves her voice she may sound like Charlee, Rozes, or even Samantha Gongol from Marian Hill. I am not saying her voice is bad, in fact, I think for her voice in Loaded was perfect.

Sasha wants to continue making her “catchy pop music with a great beat and with lyrics that people can feel.” She is continuing to work with a few trustworthy producers to make music that will be released in the future. “As I’m still in the very early stages as an artist now, I simply plan to write many many more songs, and work with as many talented people as I can, and learn as much as possible! I might also perform my songs at some shows in Singapore. I’m very much open to being booked for a show in another country if anyone’s looking ask them to write to me” Sasha remarks.
I would like to sincerely thank Sasha and Hasso for the continued communication for the past couple of months and the future. I do believe there will an acoustic version for Loaded, so stay tuned for an update soon! Sasha would like everyone to check out all her links below:

Loaded (2018)
Hasso ftr. Sasha M
Overall: ★★★★★
Loaded: ★★★★★

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