Mia Rio [unedited]

Mia Rio
Mia Rio (2017)
Interview & Review

        I really tried to get inspired to write this article without music playing… But it just didn’t happen. So I turned on Different Drums and was inspired by the bongos and synthesizers. I was also inspired by how catchy the song is, same for Dynamite Love. Finally, I thought about how humble Mia is about her success and how friendly she is to approach for some laughs over bad jokes and memes that I send her randomly. She is truly someone I’m rooting for to reach what she wants to grasp, not just because of her eclectic sound… But also because she is a good person and someone I generally feel deserves to be in the spotlight.  
         Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Mia Rio moved to Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 2008 where she began her journey into the music industry. However, well before her move to the States, music inspired Mia… “From an early age music was (a) part of who I am. I had a natural love for it and wanted to develop it. I’ve always felt that music expresses who you are inside. In my case, it also brings a sense of freedom, to enjoy pure, uninterrupted peace and happiness in my own little world.” It wasn’t until December 30th, 2016 that Mia had found what she wanted to sound like. As being a “very philosophical person”, it’s only fitting that her sound would be as complex as the lyrics where she is “always reflecting on the meaning of life, love, the universe, people, and try to understand how it all connects.”
       Although Mia really doesn’t know what exactly her Brazilian influence is in her music she does remarks that it “maybe the way I sing the melodies and maybe how I pronounce certain words (mainly).” I find that her music usually contains various drum and bass sounds that are used in various popular modern-day Brazilian songs.      
          Fans across the world, such as “India to Poland to U.S. and Brazil”, seemed to fall in love with her debut single (Dynamite Love) in 2017. “Dynamite Love is more introspective and refreshing at the same time, my voice is very soothing, relaxing so the track seems to be a favorite to a lot of people”. However, Mia personally loves Different Drum. “The beat, the freeing lyrics, how comfortably I sing it, the happy place it takes me… It’s always gonna be summertime in my head when I listen to this song.” She also says the song is about “having different principles, values, that ultimately give you better results in life, making you successful in the things that really matter.”
         With the fact that “(Dynamite Love) was awarded TV placement on the show Vida on STARZ, received an honorable mention by artists like Lorde, Hardwell and Ziggy Marley in the International Songwriting Competition 2018, plays in major retail stores in the U.S. and Canada and it awarded Mia a performance of the National Anthem at a WNBA game in July 2018.” However, even more people are becoming fans of her newest 2018 single (Different Drum). The newest single has already reached over 2k listens in just under a month on Spotify, without the help of any significant promotional boosts or Spotify playlists.
      Mia says in the future she would like to do a piano track, “kind of in the lines of a John Legend type song or something inspiring like that. I also want to do a song for an animated movie, that’s kind of a secret dream of mine.” To be honest, Mia’s accent didn’t show through as much as it did with Different Drum. That most likely is because her accent is something I am not used to hearing (I listen to mostly European and USA voices, not South American or such). With that said, I like the direction Mia is currently going and I would like to see a piano track too but have her continue with her own sound.
    Mia is planning to release an EP in the fall, but all plans could change at any moment. However, Mia says “first and foremost, my number one priority is always to grow as an individual in all aspects of life, so I look back and see progress has been made emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, relationally, etc.” You can follow Mia on Instagram or Twitter, Facebook, and visit her website.
       I would sincerely like to thank Mia for allowing me to do a review of her music, and continue to communicate with me! She is truly a good person, so please follow her social media and if you want even chat with her (when she’s not busy!). Can’t wait to see where this path is leading her to… Maybe a big stage in Boston?!

Different Drum (2018)
Mia Rio
Overall: ★★★★1/2
Different Drum: ★★★★3/4
Dynamite Love: ★★★★1/4
Top Song: Different Drum (2018)


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