Yoav [unedited]

Yoav Sadan (2018)
Interview & Review

        A Foolproof Plan (2010) is the album I measured all Yoav songs I listened to when preparing this review. The songs are perfectly mixed with electronic influences, a guitar-driven beat, and a little eclecticism. Blood Moon (2018) along with the whole Multiverse album that is releasing on September 7th is a collection of songs that symbolize a higher element of those characteristics in his music. During his hiatus (where he went 4 years without an original song release and 3 years with any releases), “nothing was planned, everything fell into place and I just followed along” Yoav tells me. The biggest addition to Yoav’s music comes within his lyrics. It is here that he dives into “desire and temptation” (Blood Moon) and many other meanings. “Wherever Yoav went on his travels there was always an accompanying constant nagging question at the back of his mind… ‘What next?’ The irony was that after recording 3 albums and playing numerous tours that centered around performance with loop pedals, he had found himself stuck in his own loop” Yoav’s Multiverse press release says.
     Since he can remember Yoav Sadan was “banging drums on plates and tables with my knife and fork”. But with Pop and Rock music being banned in his house, all the young Yoav listened to was classical music. However, when Yoav saw that he could write music, “that was pretty much the rest of my teenage years, as I wasn’t the coolest kid around.. A lot of time (I wanted) to get my hands around those chords.” All of his music had/have a variety of lyrical influences such as; dreams, whatever is happening in the world, or whatever happens in his life… “A beat or a word… You have to stay alert a little bit. Who knows what songs I may have missed out on in the past by daydreaming and not noticing something.” The close to 50k Yoav fans are as eclectic as his music. “Different songs have resonated with different people. So, for instance, one song was popular in Brazil, another in Russia, another in Denmark or Canada. There are elements of singer/songwriter in what I do, as well as elements of electronica. There are acoustic guitar and trippy beats, so the sounds seem to connect with lots of different types of people” Yoav says.
       Yoav has been blessed with many cool live show opportunities, such as driving 3 Fiats around on a tour of Europe and playing at Coachella. The Fiat tour was made possible because “since my live setup is so small, we could do that. Had some friends along for the ride. We had walkie talkies so we could communicate between the cars. I seem to remember playing some gigs at some point too.” And thankfully Coachella lived up to the hype, Yoav says “I was treated wonderfully by the festival and the audience, and the rest of the line up was simply amazing. Definitely in the top three favorite festival shows I’ve played.”
    Like I mentioned before his music varies in musical genre influences, but it seems like all of them have a guitar influence. His guitar was present from the beginning, in which Charmed & Strange (2008) set the tone with amazing songs like Live, Adore Adore, and (my personal favorite song off of the album) There Is Nobody. Even that album wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t until I listen to A Foolproof Plan (2010) that I was hooked into Yoav’s sound. In fact, I was so intrigued that I saved the whole album onto my Spotify library! While Blood Vine (2013) came out with noteworthy songs like Blink and Know More, nothing topped Foolproof. Yoav then slowed down the amount of material he released, with singles and EP’s for Dopamine (2014), Touch (2018), and Blood Moon (2018). 
        “Most recently I’ve enjoyed electronica coming out of Berlin, some Afro House and some of the new, more organic sounds coming from Ibiza while I was there making this latest record. I also am a guitar player, so I find a way to blend that into what is usually programmed synthesizer-based music” Yoav tells me. 
          A lot of change is coming along with Multiverse: a new live setup…… “Using hardware and software loopers and a plethora of insane effects”….. And Yoav may even be looking into adding a DJ path. Yoav also tells me “at some point when the smoke clears, I would like to figure out where to go next to explore some new musical and lyrical possibilities. And hopefully, have some soul expanding adventures in the process.” Songs to look for when the 7th comes are the following: Future History, Lost Heads, and Want More Do You Want More (which has an incredible drop towards the end of the song).
       I would sincerely thank Yoav Sadan, Peter Bek, and everyone else who reached out to me requesting my review of Yoav’s music. Yoav is an incredible talent, and I am looking forward to following his path and Multiverses’ reception. Stay tuned readers, and don’t forget to check out the album on Spotify, iTunes (pre-orders available), CD/Vinyl digital, and other platforms. Please be aware there will also be a more in-depth analysis of Yoav’s music on  Genius.com in the future!

Blood Moon (2018)
Overall: ★★★★1.5/2
Multiverse [9/7/2018]: ★★★★1/2
Touch: ★★★★★
Blood Moon: ★★★★★
Dopamine (the song): ★★★★★ 
Blood Vine: ★★★★3/4
A Foolproof Escape Plan: ★★★★★
Charmed & Strange: ★★★★1/2
Top Song: Blood Moon (2018)


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