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Taxi Joe
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          “Quality band, need more exposure (they’ve already got the anthems and the talent). (They) always put on a great live show, (and I definitely) recommend people (to) see them if you get the chance” says Dan Truss from London, England. I agree with Dan, it’s quite a shock that Taxi Joe hasn’t been exposed to as many people as their quality deserves. With four songs released in the matter of the 2 years, Taxi Joe definitely are seriously invested in their music. 
        Based in South East London, Joe Acres (singer) Louis Morgan (drummer) and Northern  Italian Devid Dell’Aiera (bassist) have been playing music since 2005. In 2012, the guys had the pleasure to support Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac) on his UK tour. The guys went on to play shows across the UK and Italy. Most recently they performed a “special one-off unplugged performance in New York City”. 2018 has been treating them pretty well, with shows at the first Camden Rocks festival in London, they also played the final date of NambuccaPalooza festival (London, UK), and returned to the London O2 Arena. The guys are influenced by genres such as Blues, Soul, Pop, and Rock, and “their songs lead the sound, telling stories about modern city life with defiant optimism” (Facebook bio).
        “Of course, there’s stuff in life that wants to hurt you or hold you down but it’s not going to stop us because we’re still going to love it, regardless. That’s what this band does, that’s what we’re about.’” Joe Acres (Facebook bio).
        What really grabbed me about TJ was their eclectic collection of songs, one that sounds like a Band of Horses song (Get You Back (2017)) to absolutely original songs like The Way I Want to Go (2018) and recently released song Fire (2018). I should also say that Joe’s voice can certainly seem to sound like musicians such as Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys), Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), and Josh Franceschi (You Me at Six). The way Joe also occasionally throws in blues-like guitar riffs such as the one in Get You Back show off their blues roots. For the future, I would like to hear more of that influence just so they can decipher themselves from the rest of the bands in the rock/pop genre. Either way, the band seems to have a pretty dedicated fan base, Joe says that they are “literally the best people alive with the best taste. It’s weird as well because when we first started our audience tended to be teenage girls but now it seems to be kind of everyone.”

         Fire is literally what the song title says it is, it is fire! The catchy lyrics, a cool wah-wah bar on the guitar riff, and blues-influenced bass and drum beats are definitely there along with the rock and pop roots. In other words, this song is exactly what Taxi Joe aims to sound like. It’s a really cool thing to hear the evolution of each song leading up to Fire, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here. And  I really hope more people come along to join the bandwagon.    

        “At the moment I love the song, Like Me Now. It’s a newer one but we’ll be releasing it in the next 6 months or so” Joe tells me. The guys are definitely working on more releases, but with a show on the 26th of September and a Battle of the Bands (heat 2) coming up on October 25th they certainly have a lot of shows to look forward to as well. The result of all these releases and shows are “to sell (their music) in large amounts to a lot of people” Joe says.
           Joe and the guys definitely look like they have a lot more up their sleeves, and I am looking forward to their future. I would like to thank Taxi Joe’s manager Aaron Truss for reaching out to me and of course the lead singer Joe Acres for answering my questions. As a humorous but also serious musicians, I am definitely hopeful that they will not be going anywhere but upwards from here on out. 

A Little Bit of Something Else (2018)
Facebook- Photos
Overall: ★★★★★
Fire: ★★★★★
Little Bit of Something Else: ★★★★★
The Way I Want to Go: ★★★★★
Get You Back: ★★★★★

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