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Camarano (2018)
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Interview & Review 

      Initially, it was just hanging out with friends and playing in bands…. The first thing was when I joined a cover band, or it was started as a cover band with friends. And yeah… I soon discovered singing and writing songs and… yeah… It grew from there really,” Mat Camarano reflects during our late January 2018 interview. Ever since that interview the breakout song (that lead me to reach out to him) called Somebody Else has now reached over 300k listens on Spotify… In the matter of under a year. This was after the release of Ashes, which now has over 150k listens. Having since released an EP and two singles, Mortal Man and Bloodlines, Mat has continued to be hard at work with EPs and music projects.
              Established in late-2017, Camarano started as a music project for Mat Camarano from Perth, Australia. But then it turned into something much bigger than a “project”; after releasing his two singles (as mentioned above) he quickly found opportunities to go forward with his work. Such opportunities come from Culture of Arts, WA from Western Australia who funded the making of summer 2018’s Somebody Else EP and Mortal Man (single) releases.
             The first thing I noticed with Camarano’s music, is how his voice is so accented… “I don’t have a good reason for that (laughs)… I guess I just watch too much TV… I actually used to have a stutter as a kid because my mom was trying to teach me Italian and English as I was growing up… And apparently, my brain couldn’t handle it. (Laughs)… (The accented singing voice) could be a side effect of that may be” Mat tells me.

               Most of Camarano’s songs are based on made-up stories… “Most of the time they are what I’ve read or watched and I kind of nailed into my life, my friend’s and family’s life with these fictional tales. It usually ends up with a Frankenstein type…. It’s just stories (basically)” Mat tells me. However, upon asking a personal question like “is Somebody Else more of a personal song” I found that “at the time I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I tried to numb the feeling…. Try to fill that void with the reckless… Yea,h that was the original idea… The underlying reason behind that song. Then I extended it to being something not about me, I created a narrative behind that idea” Mat remarks. In a way, you could say that today’s generation could like personable and deep lyrics… Hence why musicians like The Chainsmokers and grandson are so successful nowadays.
      While Ashes and Bloodlines sound more indie alternative pop; Somebody Else, Mortal Man, and Food For the Worms sound more like chill indie rock. However, Mat likes to think of his music as “Indie… Old… Pop… Rock…”, but we both agree his music definitely sounds on the lines of indie pop rock. Either way, Camarano’s sound is more of his own sound… Something like a mix of the Broken Bells and Arctic Monkeys.
       Camarano just finished touring a couple of locations in Australia, but right now he is focusing on future releases. To stay updated, please keep an eye on this article because I will be posting updates further down the road!
         I would like to personally thank Mat Camarano for his continue communication, something I value for all my blog connections. It’s because of artists like Mat that I find the motivation to continue to blog for my own sake in spite of all the craziness nowadays. Again, if you would like to continue following his progress (apart from liking his page) please feel free to follow this website and Unedited Music Blog’s Instagram and Facebook pages!!!!
Somebody Else EP (2018)
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Overall: ★★★★1/2
Somebody Else (EP): ★★★★1/2
Top Song: Somebody Else (2017)

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