Nikademis [unedited]

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Interview & Review
      “I have struggled for a while now to find my sound and I think I am just starting to come around to it a little more, but am still not there yet 100%. I want my music to be something that people can’t put in a box and define with a blanket genre term” says Nick Liuzzi. Hopefully, that sound will include collaborations with artist like No 1 Knows, Elissa Castro, Amelia Cariddi. In my opinion, his sound so far sounds like a mix of rave music and dubstep.  
      Nikademis is based in Seaford, New York; a town that has raised Matthew Koma (DJ/producer/singer-songwriter who helped write Clarity by Zedd) and Jimmy V (iconic college basketball coach and cancer victim). “At the beginning of high school in the middle of my freshman year, I started a small DJ business with two of my friends. This was back in around 2012 or 2013. We got some low budget equipment and started DJing local parties. During this time one of those two friends showed me some electronic music that he was into at the time. I wasn’t too familiar with the type of music but I started to listen to it more and more and fell in love with it” Nikademis tells me. 5 years later, after graduating the second highest of his class with a 4.0 GPA and overcoming several surgeries and many procedures to fix numerous health issues, Nick’s work is starting to be a rather big success. All while attending a local college, maintaining a 4.0 GPA and producing his music with recently landing an official remix opportunity for Kap Slap.
        “One of his latest tracks ‘There For You’ featuring vocalist Amelia Cariddi is approaching nearly 13,000 plays on Soundcloud, and he is gaining popularity for his crossover collaboration ‘Be Mine‘ with LA singer, songwriter, and producer Adrian Delgado. After producing for nearly 5 years, Nikademis has gained more and more recognition for his tracks from artists such as KSHMR, Ryos, Angemi, Kap Slap, Snugs, Deepend, and others, and is continuing to work towards being the best he can be. His latest track, ‘Catch Me,’ earned him an official signed release on Glow Records and has since been praised by Kap Slap, Two Friends, Adrian Delgado, Robin Hustin, El Hornet (Pendulum), Samlight, and others. It received additional support from electronic music super-label Revealed Recordings, as it was added to the ‘Revealed Brand New‘ playlist on Spotify. It peaked at #29 on the US Soundcloud charts for ‘Hot & New’ Dance & EDM.”
Nikademis Bio
      With a growing fan base, this up and coming producer finds influence in legendary DJs such as Zedd, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Calvin Harris. He says, “two of the first influences of electronic music for me were Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ and Wolfgang Gartner ‘Illmerica‘, and I think those are two artists whose listeners can definitely hear in some of my music. I also am influenced by jazz styles and love to incorporate jazzy chords when I feel it fits”.
       “I’ve received so many great comments and messages of encouragement from fans both who have stuck with me from the beginning and some who have just joined the movement recently. Many of them are creative people as well (who) love to trade their content with me whether it be their music, drawings, etc, and I always love providing feedback. I think that’s something that’s really special” says Nick.
     Nikademis started with two albums in 2017 (Breaking the Silence and Chasing Time) which provided fans with a sense of an exciting mix of collaborated tracks and his own mixes. Breaking the Silence had really enjoyable tracks like Elevate, New Reign, and Havoc with an influence of rave and dubstep elements. His collaborations on this album were fantastic, however, I didn’t feel like Stix was a good fit for him. This mismatch is shown through as well in Chasing Time, but even that collaboration was overshadowed by songs like Weapons of Mass Destruction, Daybreak, and This Life is a Party. Although, Chasing Time wasn’t as good as his debut album because of songs that felt like they were missing vocals. The rest of the singles introduced fabulous collaborated tracks like Need You Now and Daybreak both featuring Elissa Castro for 2017. This year, he’s seemed to basically only focus on collaborated songs… And I don’t mind that… The biggest highlights out of all these singles will have to be Don’t Promise Me (featuring No 1 Knows), Catch Me (featuring Amelia Carridi), and Never Want To Leave (also featuring No 1 Knows). If you haven’t caught my pattern, yes I am obsessed with No 1 Knows… But further down the road, although the vocalist who collaborating with him, I would like to hear other new fresher voices in his collaborations.
      “Working with Amelia was a really great experience. Not only is she an extremely talented singer and songwriter of course, but she is so easy to work with and willing to do whatever will be best for the track. When I sent her the instrumental for Catch Me I was super surprised and impressed by how quickly she wrote for the track and was able to nail it on the first try. It was super refreshing to work with someone who is also very passionate about the music and is an all around great person as well. I definitely hope to be working with her more in the future” mentions Nick on what it was like to work on Catch Me with Amelia Carridi.
      The future looks bright for Nikademis, even though he doesn’t fully believe he found his sound yet. Nick wants his music to be unlike anything anyone has heard before as well as being diverse, appealing, and meaningful. “I feel a lot of meaning is lost in electronic music nowadays, so I just want to continue to make music from the heart so that hopefully I can bring back some of that meaning and convey my passion to the listeners” Nick says (who obviously hasn’t heard Memories… Do Not Open album by The Chainsmokers (which he definitely should!)). If you enjoy Nikademis’s tracks as much as I do, I highly encourage you to click the link above in green highlight on top of the page and follow him on Spotify… If you’re a SoundCloud person then here is his link: SoundCloud link… Or if you’re a YouTube geek then watch his music videos through this link: YouTube link
        I would like to sincerely thank Martin Tharaldsen from Housemania PR & Management for reaching out to me via my Hotmail, and Nick Liuzzi for his continued communication! Nick and Martin are truly good people, and I am very happy to apart of Nikademis’s journey into the music industry. For my readers, I am beyond happy to be back writing and I assure you that there are some remarkable musicians coming up for the rest of 2018 and upcoming in 2019! Stay tuned people, the ride has just begun!
Catch Me (2018)
by Nikademis (w/ Amelia Cariddi)
Overall: ★★★3/4
Don’t Promise Me★★★
Catch Me: ★★★3/4
There For You★★★
Never Want To Leave★★★
Need You Now★★★
Chasing Time★★★1/4
Breaking The Silence★★★1/2
Top Song: Don’t Promise Me [feat. no 1 knows] (2018)

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