Sciarra (Original UMB review) [unedited]

Candace Sciarra (2018)
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Interview & Review
           With over 2.1 followers and only a couple of tracks, Candice is building up quite a following. Afterglow (2017) has reached closed to 40k streams, while her most recent track called Love on the Line (2017) has reached almost 48k streams with the help of a local channel in Los Angeles (Trap x Rave Series). Candice’s fan base is still growing, in fact, interest in her music is growing on all her platforms so there is no doubt that she is an upcoming musician… Although, she’s kind of hinted that the best has yet to come…?
      Candice tells me that she “started out singing and writing songs when I was a kid. Later on, I started attending music festivals and was really inspired by dance music.” At some point, Candice began putting a beat behind her words. Sciarra is influenced by “everyday life”, such as situations she’s been through that are relatable to others. “I also love writing from different perspectives and putting myself in someone else’s shoes”, she tells me. Her fanbase mainly based throughout the world, and (like I’ve already said) is still growing!
      Sciarra claims her “fanbase (as) the most loyal and amazing people to talk to. I love talking to them and finding out their stories”. Fans of Billie Eilish, Bishop Briggs, Broods, CHVRCHES, and basically any dark electronic female musician would also be drawn by Sciarra. 
       Sciarra comments that her 2017 single “Afterglow is about how we get so caught up with everyday life (work, school, whatever it may be) and sometimes just need to take the time to live in the present and see how far we have come.” Despite the lack of quality in which Candice even admits to not be her best, the beat and especially the bass drop is nothing short from impeccable. In fact, these parts of the single make the track better. Sometime around late October 2017, Love On The Line came out via Trap x Rave Series. This track proved to be a huge success, as well as an improvement from her debut single. Candice continues to release tracks with a great beat to it but what differs to Afterglow is the voice didn’t sound so off. All in all, Candice’s project is turning into quite a creative and wonderful success… But yet she hasn’t released any new music for over a year now…
       A reason that may be behind why she hasn’t released any music yet is probably the tracks are just taking “forever to release” just like Afterglow took. Either way, her future releases are definitely on her agenda for the new year as well as possibly going on tour.
        Sciarra tells me that he is planning to release new music this fall (2019), “it has taken me a while to release new music as I decided to change the style of music I was creating and go away from pop”. She told me that she is deciding to go in a darker sound with her music while also representing where she is as an artist now.
      I would like to thank Candice Sciarra for the continued communication. Over 12k+ fans and I are (im)patiently waiting for the next release! Please feel free to listen to Sciarra on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Reverbnation (URL unavailable). You can follow/like her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Candice is one of the nicest people I have met with an amazingly great taste for music (especially EDM music)! I hope she continues to see her music grow in success, and I am so happy to introduce her to my readers and followers so please go and listen to her tracks!!!!
Love On The Line (2017)
by Sciarra
Overall: ★★★★1/4
Afterglow: ★★★★☆
Love On The Line: ★★★★1/2
Top Song: Love On The Line (2017)

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