Anna Kairos

Anna Kairos
(Original UMB Review)

   While reading Anna’s truly insightful answers to my questions, it allowed me to reflect on my own passions. “When your soul aligns with your vocals it is best. I don’t believe in training the voice in a particular manner. I think there is too much useless training out there. That is why everybody sounds the same. If it comes from your soul it is beautiful,” Anna tells me. Her feelings regarding singing being a natural gift reflect on my feelings of people’s ability to express themselves through writing. For instance… No one taught me how to write something that was in my head… No one taught me how to criticize music… No one ever taught me how to write lyrics… I taught myself, just like anyone in the world can do with time and practice. The fact Anna thinks everyone has the ability to sing beautifully says a lot about her nonjudgmental character.

   From the beginning, music was “like a basic need for me” similar to breathing she says. It is unclear to me when Anna first started to make music, however, she has always found life to be miserable without making music. She thinks of producing music as a “gift and a burden at the same time. But more a beautiful gift!” And writes mainly about her feelings, daily life, and “what I hear and see in my dreams”.

“(My) language comes through when you let it be and let everything flow. You have to get out of the way of your own language in order to let it flow.”

Anna Kairos

With a very chilled sound, her voice comes through and almost gave me chills the first time I heard it. Her debut album, released on July 13th of 2018, is a lovely four-track album with songs beautifully displaying Anna’s piano skills. The one song that really stuck out in Hosting Time was the first song (Twilight), it set the tone as a hauntingly relaxing album that sounds as if she meant it to be unsettlingly but soothing. On December 14th of 2018, Anna put out her second release which was her first single. This track, called Gloom, is already her number one most popular track with over 1.5 thousand streams. The song is a more catchy and popish track, but definitely still has a chilled Fiona Apple tone to it. All of these tracks are definitely worth a listen, and I personally love listening to them at this time of night (especially since I should be asleep).

All of the struggles mentioned in her songs feel as if Anna is trying to both vent and come to terms with them… No wonder this is one of her essential needs in life.

Anna has a lot planned for the future, but she is “waiting (for) the right time for new shows at the moment,” Anna remarks. She wants to reach every corner of the world with her music, helping people feel their deep emotions while not fearing them too. “There is a beauty in (all of our emotions) – and as well (as) an ethical moment because when we really feel, we can connect,” Anna states. She has also been planning her first album that is set to release late spring this year. She says she is “super excited to share (this album) with the world”, and I am very excited to hear it!

I would very sincerely like to thank Anna for requesting me to review her wonderful material, she is truly the most admirable musician I have released a review on so far. I am beyond happy that she continues to stay in touch with me, and I will obviously be happy to update this article in the future. Please follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. You can follow and listen to her music on Spotify and SoundCloud! All right everybody, good night!

Hosting Time (2018)
By: Anna Kairos

Overall: ★★★★★

Gloom: ★★★★★

Hosting Time:★★★★★

Top Song: Gloom (2018)

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