Sosla [unedited] Music Review

Sosla [unedited]

Sosla on SoundCloud

Unsurprisingly, from a town with such a strong music community and deep musical roots, Austin, Texas is where up-and-coming DJ and producer, SOSLA, calls home.  The talented DJ has recently released the energetic single, ‘Minderaser’.  It’s definitely a base house track that dance music fans across the glove will find themselves drawn to.

Real name Erik Saucedo, SOSLA has divined the way to produce innovative, and outstanding base house music to fill up the floor of any dance club.  He has said he finds inspiration from other artists such as Jauz, Valentino Khan, Joyryde along with many others, who incited him to start his own musical journey into the style of bass house tracks.  So, predictably, his innate style and clever technique create solid, energetic tracks that are anchored in loads of high intensity mix, which he describes as ‘music to play at the very height of a rave to get people moving!’

His remix of Ariana Grande’s ‘God Is A Woman’ brought him huge attention and got him 113K streams of that track alone.  That success led to him making regular appearances DJing in the Texan EDM scene, indicating that SOSLA’s next release would be all that more highly anticipated. 

Following that much-loved track, ‘Minderaser’ does indeed deliver.  This single is at once a track that defines its anthemic mission clearly and puts forth such a strong bass line stratified with a phenomenal beat.  With such masterful production, infectious vibe, and energy coursing through its veins the length of the whole track, this is definitely a floor-filler.

If dance music makes your heart quicken, EDM is your home, then this is the track, and artist are for you.  SOSLA will be spreading the message of EDM globally so be sure to follow this and future tracks as they soar to the top of dance charts.

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Minderaser (2018)
By: Sosla

Overall: 4.5/5

Minderaser: 5/5

Sosla: 4/5

Top Song: Minderaser (2018)

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