Pulsar [unedited] Music Review

(Original UMB Review)

The mind can only imagine what is in Thanasis Soutos’s bag of tricks with each of his tracks, and now we as listeners are left to wonder what he has to show us with the original Shackled track. With it’s deep bass and EDM instrumental version of Shackled being released over 4 months ago, we’re still waiting for the vocal track to be released… Is this track another Amanda Jean collaboration? Or is it a new collaborative singer? For now, we can only wonder… But at this moment, let’s look at this talented Greek DJ’s collection.

“In 2010 I discovered the UKF Dubstep channel on YouTube and started loving dubstep and slowly got more into EDM when Avicii(RIP) and Hardwell were uprising”, Thanasis tells me. Curious about how these musicians created their works, he started to experiment with sounds and various other pieces on FL studio. These demos eventually turned into various songs, and some of them are streaming online today. Those songs are influenced with a wide variety of influences such as “orchestral and cinematic music in the styles of Hans Zimmer”. But more recently, he has been inspired by future bass and euphoric/melodic dubstep genres.

“When I was young, I watched lots of National Geographic documentaries where they explained the universe and the different stars. There is a dangerous pulsating star in the outer universe that is called Pulsar and it’s also beautiful. So that’s how I got it and that is what my logo is based on.”

-Thanasis Soutos (DJ and Producer for Pulsar)

The first track that got me hooked on Pulsar’s music is hands down Lullaby, the xylophone was used so creatively along with the vocal synthesizers. It makes for an unique blend of sounds, that honestly never get old to me and I assume would never get old within a festival set as well. Another great track that stuck out to me was Clock (ftr. Nick Hayes and Toxic Heats) because of its heavy drop and bass beat… It’s hard not to think of it would be in someone’s Spotify running playlist with the line “cause the clock is ticking”. All in all, these tracks are hard to forget in my opinion. I almost forgot to mention Pulsar’s ADE sampler track that is also a pretty cool track too, it’s quite a mix that I highly like but is hard to put into words why. On the other hand, I still don’t believe Thanasis has found a good match for his sound with a vocal that compliments his talents. The two songs that come really close to complimenting his music is (like I complimented above) Clock and Amanda Jean’s Hear Me.

“Right now, because I’m studying in Belgium I’m not so active with my music and I do mostly mixing and mastering for clients, but in the future I wanna be able to release like 1 song every 1 or 2 months and build a fan base that is attached to the melodies and style that i create”

As he said above, Thanasis is finishing his bachelors and working in a music industry related company as an office job but also in some way combining his knowledge in music production and also releasing as much music as he can. By the summertime he tells me he will probably have his next release.

I would like to thank Thanasis for his continued communication from Belgium, being an alumni I personally know how hectic school can get. The fact that he’s multi-tasking with work, school, and his music and succeeding is awesome. I can’t wait to hear more of his music in the future!

Lullaby (2018)
Pular & Mel Ody

Overall: 4.7/5

Shackled (Instrumental): 4.5/5

Crying: 4/5

Lullaby: 5/5

Hear Me: 5/5

Clock: 5/5

Top Song: Lullaby(2018)

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