M.R.J [unedited] Music Review

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M.R.J., the stunning London-based pop artist, has released his stand-out single last year, ‘Mad Love’.  The track encapsulated the vibes of summer to perfection and with stellar production anchoring it beautifully, it was one to fall in love with and keep on repeat.  The critically-acclaimed singer creates gold with his craft effortlessly.

M.R.J. is a supremely talented an up and coming pop artist, whose previous songs have racked up over 100k streams, and marked him as one to follow.  A talented singer-songwriter, M. R. J. creates a fresh, open and accessible route to his sound.  His music has a familiar feel yet is completely fresh, taking new and fresh turns on what modern pop music consists of.  Not unexpectedly, he has caught the attention of BBC Introducing and Record Of The Day.  The buzz is building around M. R. J. and plenty are waiting to hear what he devises next.

“A Masterpiece In Its Own Right”


With this most recent release, ‘Mad Love’, M.R.J gets right to the heart of pop music, lending his clever and textured narrative to the mix. The track is bathed in plenty of choice hooks and synth layered in beautifully.  It is an altogether transporting track, and based in solid production, building an escapist pop bubble to linger in.  With strong vocalese, M.R. J. finds passionate and emotive vocals to sink the track further into the realm of pop sensations.  Producer Dan Thomas has now also released a dance mix of the single, which looks to top the success of M. R. J.’s previous single, ‘Water’, released in 2016, a track that is still grabbing tons of plays today.  Definitely one not to miss!

M. R. J. is working on new material to further cement his well-earned place in today’s music industry so it’s clear he has a big future ahead.  He is definitely an artist to keep up with in the coming months for sure!

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