Pilod [unedited] Music Review

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While Black Swan is undoubtedly an outstanding masterpiece, it is not the the deepest meaning. Pilod says the deepest meaning is certainly Level 4, “It was written after the terrorist attacks in Brussels (3) years ago (Readers must be advised that the link I attached should be viewed at your own risk as it details what happened that day). I have never experienced that sense of insecurity in my country before. It is hard to understand why youngsters in Brussels do these terrorist acts and blow themselves up. Where did they and perhaps where did we, as a society, go wrong?”

With an interest in bands from the 90’s such as Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, The Breeders and disinterest in local bands playing the same songs. Pilod at first wanted to cover good alternative songs from the Pixies, Jesus and the Mary Chain, and Cosmic Psychos. From there they started to write their own music together and also separately in other bands. The songs they write are usually about what is happening around them, friends, and whatever they think and feel about in their jobs. Their fan base consists of “according to Facebook 62% of our fans are male, most between 25 and 44. Since we are playing abroad from time to time, it is a bit international: Germany, France and Spain” they tell me.

They haven’t released any new material because “we still believe in concept albums, not in launching just 1 song from time to time. We want to have an entire book written and not just a chapter I guess.”


I am really impressed with Pilod, they have seem to successfully connect the points between rock and slowcore. The Arrival Song (2013) is a great debut single, it’s grungy, upbeat, and translates into their Black Swan album (2016) pretty well. Black Swan is most likely is my new favorite rock album, and the title track is one of my new favorite songs too. The album is dark, deep, and emotion provoking in all ways. Black Swan (the song) is about one of the band member’s “former boss who thought at a certain moment in his career he was superior and untouchable. He must have had a megalomaniac period and took a lot of risks that weren’t good for the organization”. But Pilod doesn’t seem to have reached a “megalomaniac period”, and there aren’t a lot of risks they are taking at the moment because they are admirably generally sticking to their sound.

“I hope people think of Pilod as a band following their own path (and) playing authentic music. Reviews of our albums seem to confirm that. The best compliment of listeners is that they appreciate our music the more they hear it. Every time they seem to discover something new. I guess we have a specific sound that typifies Pilod.”


They are currently working on new material, which includes a new album to be released soon this year, but there is no concrete plan yet. Please stay tuned on their social medias for these plans!

I would like to thank the Pilod band for the continued communication, and I am very intrigued to hear more in the future! Thank you to all who read this, and please feel free to share!!

Black Swan (2016)
By: Pilod

Overall: 4.8/5

Black Swan: 4.7/5

The Arrival Song: 5/5

Top Song: Black Swan(2016)

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