Laura Airaksinen [unedited] Music Review

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Based out of Finland, the talented singer-songwriter Laura Airaksinen, has just released her top new single, ‘Tonight’.  It is an accomplished, elegant track soaked in loads of soul, jazz and pop musical influences, giving it plenty of FLAVOR.

Laura is a wholly creative songwriter living in Fiskars, Finland. Her music credits influence from jazz, soul, folk and pop genres across the board.  She has recorded with top musicians from all over the world, including live strings, horns, choirs and more. Centering on subjects of love, yearning, long-distance relationships and the unpredictability in life, her lyricism are the generative direction behind many of her songs.

“‘Tonight’ By Laura Airaksinen Is As Elegant As They Come”


Her latest single, ‘Tonight’, is an emotive ballad delivered with authenticity. The melodies are luminous and sit well with the accompanying harmonies. The production of the track is full of clever live instrumentation creating a beautiful soundscape without being ambient, which we so often miss in modern pop music. The song is a perfect demonstration of Laura’s innate talent as an artist.

If you searching for a genuine song with sensitive, well thought lyrics, then Laura Airaksinen’s latest single, ‘Tonight’, will be the track you are looking for. Be sure to follow this artist, she will be on the rise in 2019.

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