Steve Hewitt [unedited] Music Review

Steve Hewitt
(Original UMB Review)

Steve Hewitt may have inspired me to create a new Spotify playlist called “<1k”. The playlist would contain songs like Misery and Pushing ME Away that are unique, creative, and have a complex sound to them. Right now it’s an idea, but an idea that I really really want to make happen.

Music has always been played in the background by Steve’s dad, such as Elton John, Dean Martin etc… “It wasn’t til I heard Buddy Holly that I started to take real notice. After a year or so listening to Buddy Holly’s solo riffs I wanted to play guitar”, Steve tells me. Ironically like Buddy Holly, his music is about his and other people’s life. He believes that “if you can’t feel it if it ain’t real”, and this saying also drives his songs as well. With ages ranging from 15 to 60 years old, his fan base is growing but slowly he tells me.

“Well I’m terrified of being predictable, so I like to touch on different genres and experiment with different guitar tunings. I want to make sure I always have a good message that people can relate too.”

Steve Hewitt

I like to think of Steve’s sound as eclectic, complex, mature, and much less of that of what I have come to expect of artists with a small following. With that said, it is definitely not fit for a simple song. In my opinion, this was what Life Stories EP was, a simple experiment with simple songs… That is why I don’t like the album and I am not trying to put him down, I just don’t think that it was a good fit for him. I think a good fit for him is the album Living On Faith and his single Pushing Me Away, all of those songs define his sound. It looks like he’s not looking back with the release of his latest single, and this is encouraging.

“Each time you talk, all I hear. Words without heart, concealed with fear. ”

Pushing Me Away

This interview, like the ones I have reviewed as of recently, are out of date. With that said, I really have no idea what is to come from Steve. He is doing pretty well, and I am actually becoming a big fan of his music. I will definitely keep you guys updated on social media!

I would like to thank Steve for the continued communication, and thank him for waiting for this long overdue review. I am happy to see that Steve has reached above 1k likes on Facebook and is continuing to stay true to his sound. I am looking forward to hearing more from him.

Pushing Me Away (2018)
By Steve Hewitt

Overall: 4.7/5

Pushing Me Away: 5/5

Living on Faith: 4/5

Life Stories EP: 5/5

Top Song: Misery(2015)

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